Hi, I’m Courtney

I live in South Central Texas (AKA OH DEAR IT”S STINKIN’ HOT HERE Y’ALL) with my little family.  My husband gardens, I cook, we raise chickens as pets for eggs, we also have cats and dogs and at some point in our marriage have also had: snakes, mice, a gerbil, hedgehogs, salt water fish, a guinea pig, and at one point, we had all of those at the same time (except the chickens).  I cook, bake, sew, craft, create, generally suck at house work, and am working on losing weight and being more healthful in the choices I make.

I can’t get enough tea, Harry Potter, the color purple, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal, local foods, chickens, music, quotations, or my Lord.

I don’t care if I ever again see a dirty dish, clothes that need to be washed, coconut, dark chocolate, Dora or Diego, or Spongebob.

Somewhere in the middle I’m not a fan of peaches, pineapple, coffee, or anything really spicy.  I do like berries and melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, and long hot baths.

Wife, Husband, Daughter, a family living in Texas.





For more of who I am and what my story is, check out these posts:


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