Homeschool Curriculum: 1st Grade

It’s time for back to school and, as I’ve already mentioned, I’m EXCITED!

Our curriculum is all here (well, I’m still waiting on a couple of readers to arrive from Amazon, but the main parts are here) and I’ve begun preping it.


Being part of a University Model School, a lot of the curriculum choices were out of our hands, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make our own choices too.

We were very happy at Summit Christian Academy last year overall, but there were some areas that we just didn’t feel meet Inara’s needs academically, so this year, we’ve made some changes to what we will be including on our home study days.




Saxon Math 1


Reading and Literature


All About Reading Level 2

We Loved AAR last year, and it’s what I would have chosen even if we were’t at Summit

We will also have and use various read-aloud books throughout the year for Inara to read, as well has have daily reading time for her to listen either to me or Chris read to her, or have her listen to audio books.



All About Spelling Level 1




A Reason For Handwriting Level A

We will also incorporate Copy Work throughout the school year.


This is where we take the biggest Detour from Summit

Summit uses the Christian Liberty Press curriculum God’s Creation Series


Our Father’s World

Inara has a very STEM mindset, she loves to explore and find out how things work, her spatial cognition is amazing, and this science just did nothing to encourage her in this area last year.  She and I both found it drab, and fairly dumbed down even for a kindergarten level (Last year’s curriculum was from the same series, but it was The World God Made).

So, this year Chris and I decided to find a different science program to use at home.  One with more hands on items, that explored the scientific process better, and encouraged Inara’s STEM interests, extra bonus if it also had a Christian, or at least not overly secular, point of view,  Enter A Reason For Science. It’s the same company that makes our handwriting curriculum, and it’s full of great illustrations, and very age appropriate (but still challenging) material – bonus it comes as a complete kit so I don’t have to track down 101 things every time we do an experiment!

So, on our home study days we will also be doing science

A Reason For Science Level A



In class at school, they use Betty Lukens – Through The Bible in Felt.


During chapel this year at school they will be utilizing God’s Names by Sally Michael which we will also use at home.


Also at home we will be continuing with We Chose Virtues, and Inara will be participating in AWANA at our church.



At school Inara will most likely participate in PE and possibly Drama in after school electives.

At home for electives we will be alternating through Art, Spanish, and Critical Thinking/Logic using the following things.


Languagenut spanish

We will mainly be using for spanish, but reinforcing that with the Teach Them Spanish Grade 1 workbook.



This summer we started using a Draw Write Now book and Inara has enjoyed it, so we will continue that this year.

Logic & Critical Thinking

logic MB

We will be using Logic Links, and Mind Benders Warm-Up Grades K-2 and Beginning Books 1 and 2


I’ll be sharing this post here: nbts-blog-hop-2014


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