Life Management Binder: Part 3

I didn’t forget about you!  I’ve just been crazy busy with the start of school.  This year we are sending Inara to a new University Model school, so on top of the normal back to school stuff, there have been parent/teacher trainings and figuring out our homeschool day and lots of stuff like that – but I’ll save that for another post!

Last time I showed you pictures of my binder and the basics of how it was put together, with the promise that this time I’d start giving you pages for download.

Let me start with the super basic:

a 2013/2014 year at a glance monthly calendar.

-2014ATAGLANCE copy


This PDF (link ^^) downloads a single standard printer page with both a monthly 2013 and 2014 calendar that you can cut in half to fit into your mini binder.  I recommend printing this out on cardstock for durability.

Simple enough right!?

OK, the next couple are pretty basic and standard parts of a home management binder, but they get a bit more complicated simply because I’m giving them to you in multiple download options.

Step 1)

Family information sheets:

Document1 copy

You know, the pages in the front of every planner that no one ever fills out?  Yeah these are those.  Except, here’s the thing.  They really are important.  This set of downloads contains sheets with the following information:

1) Family Contact Information (as seen above): a place to write down the contact information for each member of your family

2) Family Medical Information: space for name, date of birth, medical conditions, allergies, current medications, and blood type.  Depending on your family members this may be basic and have little to list, or, if you have family members like me, it’s long and contains tons of info, all of which you never know when you may need.  In the event of an emergency it’s always good to have this written out, it prevents you from forgetting anything, or circumstances may mean that you can’t tell the doctors/emergency medical personnel yourself, but hey look, there it is right there in your binder!

3) Emergency Contact Information: write out your address, subdivision name, directions to your home from the closest highway/major intersection.  Leave this with the baby sitter, or make sure your kids know where to find it in case anyone needs to call 911.

4) Emergency phone numbers: Medical, Fire, Police, Poison Control, pediatrician, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, all in one easy to find place.

I’m giving you this set in two formats, the first is a PDF (Document1), it will download and print with blank lines (like in the picture) for you to handwrite everything in.   The second is a customizable word (.docx) file (Document1) that you can download, open in MS Word, and customize by typing in your information.  I recommend printing these on cardstock for durability as well.

The second set of documents I’m going to give you will either require the most or the least amount of customization on your part, it’s my cleaning control journal.  I have always had the most success in keeping my home clean when I use FlyLady‘s methods.  Over the years I have stopped and started routines of keeping my home clean more often than I’ve stopped and started diets.  Each time I’ve learned something, and this latest control journal is the culmination of my lessons to date.

newcontrol copy

Now, here’s the thing odds are everyone’s cleaning routine is going to look different.  So, I again have made mine in two formats.  If you just want a place to start you can download the PDF (newcontrol), if you’re looking to make something your own go for the MS Word version(newcontrol) and customize to your hearts content.  These printables include:

1) Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Routines

2) A Basic Weekly Plan

3) Zone cleaning checklists

4) Seasonal and Yearly reminder lists

I recommend printing these on standard paper, but then putting them in sheet protectors.  That way you can use a dry erase marker and cross off things as you accomplish them while still being able to reuse the same lists.

Everyone’s homes are going to require something different, but this is my latest installments.  If you’d like to look at FlyLady’s original Control Journal guidelines, you can see them here.

Looking for other installments in the Home Management Binder series?  You can find them here:

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