Word of Mouth: Product Love

Every now and then you stumble across something that you totally love and want to tell the world about – that’s how I feel about the following.  Just wanted to share the love.

Here in SA we have HARD water, and our house is not equipped with a water softener.  This creates a whole host of challenges for me, but one of the biggest (and most unforeseen honestly) was how fast it made our toilet dirty.  Seriously, if I wanted a shiny white toilet bowl I need to clean it every day, otherwise mineral build up happens fast and looks AWFUL!

Well, long story short, I’m not an every day toilet bowl cleaner kind of gal, which means through the years I’ve tried LOTS of stuff to both keep my toilet clean, or when that (obviously) didn’t work, to get the build up off and get it clean.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, out there worked to get hard, nasty, stuck on build up off like the BathStone from EarthStone


I looked at this so many times in the isle at the grocery store, had it in my cart and put it back, and now I could kick myself for not getting it sooner.  I couldn’t help but wonder how a block of pumice wouldn’t scratch my toilet and then make the problem worse, or that I’d be there scrubbing for hours and make no difference.  Oh my was I wrong.  I love that this is all natural, involves ZERO chemicals or other cleaners in the process, doesn’t harm the toilet, and most of all WORKS and fast.  Even after the worst of the nasty build up the BathStone gets the bowl clean and sparkling in no time, and a single cleaning block lasts for LOTS of uses

Down side, I still have to clean it all.the.time to keep it that way – or at least I used to…


Another product I looked at and didn’t buy several times.  Now I always have a package in my cleaning box.  The only two cons I have regarding the product: 1) it’s scented, I really don’t like my bathroom to smell like “fresh scent” all the time (I prefer it not smell like anything but if it has to, I’d rather it be citrus or something less chemically smelling) 2) there is now always a big blob of chemicals in my toilet.  Thankfully I don’t have small kids who play in my toilet or pets that drink out of it, but since I really really  try and stay away from non-natural cleaners completely having a big blob of chemical in my toilet is pretty gross to me.

On the other hand, my toilet now sparkles and shines all the time with almost no work from me., thats a victory in my book however it comes.

The other thing I can’t stop singing praises for has nothing to do with bathrooms or cleaning, and will actually save you money.  Let me tell you about my new friend Plan To Eat

So, Pinterest is great, I love pinterest, and I have 25 boards devoted to food, menu planing and kitchen/food tips.  However, I almost never cook from those boards because they are scattered about (despite my best efforts to organize them) and I have to go to that many different sites to print the recipes etc. etc. etc.

Well, not any more.  Plan to Eat lets you input recipes from all over the web (or manually type in your family favorites from cookbooks you own, and recipes you’ve made yourself etc.) and it collects them in one spot that is easy to navigate, organize, print recipes from, and you can share with “friends” on the site as well.  But wait there’s more (lol) they also have built in drag and drop menu planning, and then the menu you build generates a shopping list.  That shopping list can also be customized to include household goods and pantry staples that wouldn’t otherwise self generate so you can print one list from the site (or access it from your internet capable mobile phone etc.).  Seriously I am in LOVE!  Extra bonus, you can try it for free for 30 days before it charges you (although the $5 a month is totally worth it, and they also have yearly plans that make it less expensive) which gives you plenty of time to play around with it, import recipes, and decide if you love it or not.

Go give it a try (and when you sign up, add me as a friend user name: kaugomu)
Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

I love it so much that I am slowly working on importing my hundreds of recipes from Pinterest and deleting them from my boards. 😀


Anything out there you’ve fallen in love with and want to share?







**Disclaimer, this post is not sponsored and these opinions are entirely my own.


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