Life Management Binder: Part 2

Last time, I introduced my planner, and gave you a list of supplies.

Today I’m going to show you my planner and give you a list of alternatives and examples.

Next time, I’m going to start giving you the pages to download. 🙂

Yes, I’m taking this super slow – that way I hope not to burn out half way through and never finish (I’ve been known to do that more than once)


This is my binder, and gathered supplies.  You can see: standard printer paper, mini binder filler note paper, the actual binder, a whole punch guide, the cover from the calendar I took apart to make my planner (it looks pretty, didn’t just want it to go to waist), sheet protectors, scissors, single hole punch, dry erase marker, pencil, dividers (I made my own), my planner/calendar pages and dividers.


Basic structure, start with an empty binder (I also have this handy Post-It stick in pocket/pouch thing in mine it’s not required and since a friend gave it to me I don’t even know where she got it)


I knew I wanted my calendar pages in the back, so I added all the pages and 12 monthly dividers first.



I then added my other dividers in front of the planner section.


Lastly I chose to take the cover from the calendar I took apart and put it in the very front of my binder, it’s nice to look at, adds a bit of color, and also adds a layer of strength/protection to the front so I’m not opening directly up to my tabs and information.

That is it for the basic set up of my binder.  As for what goes behind those tabs in the front, we will get to that starting next time, for now I’m just giving you the nickel tour of what my binder started as.

Now, if you want other options, inspiration, or  a single downladable bundle (and are willing to pay for that) here are some of my favorites from around the web (I have lots more pinned on my Cleaning and Organizing board on Pinterest) in no particular order.


Love the color combination of these customizable PDF sheets.


The Project Girl has LOADS of printable organization tools in her downloads section!


I like the simplicity of this side by side (a single large sheet is also available) daily planner from Andrea Dekker.


Simple Mom’s Daily Docket.  She has an original, revised, and smaller version available (the smaller or Pocket Docket would actually work perfect in this sized binder) which are all available in her downloads section on her site.

This is a sweet, simple printable set from Blooming Homestead with a very calming color scheme.


If I were willing to pay $40, this is the kit I would buy.  It’s formatted for a mini binder (just like we are working on) I LOVE the color scheme, and she has great instructions on how to make the finished product durable and professional looking.  But I’m not willing to pay that much for something I can (obviously) make myself – especially since her bundle is simply the downloads, you still have to print, assemble and pay for all the components as well.

Looking for other installments in the Home Management Binder series?  You can find them here:

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