Life Management Binder: Part 1

As promised, I’m starting a series regarding a home management binder, that I recently put together. Before we get started, let me make the following disclaimer: I am in NO way any where near an expert in organization, home management, cleaning (HAH!) or anything in that realm. I can only speak to what I’ve found to work or not work up to this point in my 30+ years of life and 9 years of marriage.

So, as I said before – I know there are a ton of buy/print/make/customize binders and planners out there, let me say when I chose to make my own:

1) I wanted my calendar/planner and my home management/emergency binder all in one place
2) I wanted it to fit in my purse

#2 created the biggest issue. There are so so so many printable for making your home management and emergency binder, and it’s easy enough to toss a calendar in with it – however they all seem to be designed around a standard letter size (8.5 x 11) paper. That doesn’t fit in my purse so easy.

So, here are the supplies I rounded up to put everything together (aka, what you’ll need if you want to follow along at home). I got almost everything I needed from Staples (if I didn’t already have it on hand) but I’ve linked to Amazon links because, well, because I did. 🙂


1 “mini” 3 ring binder (measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches rather than the standard 8.5 x 11)

Some sort of divider/index tabs.  For my binder I needed a set of 12 month, and one set of five un-printed dividers.

Some options:

Pre-printed 12 month set

Write on dividers

Insertable dividers

Make your own tabs

OR cut sheets of colored card stock in half and punch holes in it to insert between sections

You will also need:

a printer

standard printer paper

a whole punch – either and adjustable 3 punch or a single punch

Suggested: white card stock


Binder pockets

Business card sleeves

Sheet Protectors

Dry Erase Marker

You will also need a calendar/planner or some sort.  You can go about this several ways, you can buy a refill set designed to replenish a day runner style planner, you could print your own, or you could buy an inexpensive planner and take it apart.  Personally, I did the last option, I bought a spiral bound 5×8 planner that covered the remainder of 2013 and 2014 (18 months) and took out the months I wanted (July 2013 – August 2014).  If you like stickers for your organizer either a) buy a planner that comes with them or b) buy an add on set.

Allright, that’s it for the supply list.  I’ll be back to get things started next time.

Have a great weekend!


Looking for other installments in the Home Management Binder series?  You can find them here:

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