11:16 am on a Tuesday: Impromptu Canning

I had zero intentions of canning today, wasn’t even on my radar. Then on a break from my regularly scheduled choers I was looking through Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin which I brought home from the library yesterday.

I got as far as a recipe for Jalapeño-Confetti Jelly, and made it no further.


I couldn’t help it, the cookbook was sitting right next to a pile of peppers from the garden, I knew I had everything I needed, and I’ve been wanting to make jalapeño jelly for years. So, I am.





2 thoughts on “11:16 am on a Tuesday: Impromptu Canning

  1. I love it that you are spontaneous! It will be wonderful on roast pork or whatever. I also like it with cream cheese on ritz or club crackers!

    • Thanks Donna. I’ll have to see how hot it is in the end – I used mostly our mild/medium heat jalapeños, but then added a couple of our hot hot peppers too to top of the required measurement. This may end up being a treat just for Chris on his corn bread or something. I did only make half a batch just in case. I bet it would be great as a glaze on meat if it isn’t too hot – hadn’t thought of that application.

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