Literary Thumbprint

“when you read a book as a child it becomes part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does.” -Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) You’ve Got Mail

First off, I love that movie!  So many great quotes, two fantastic actors that always play well opposite each other, and a genuinely cute love story.  That that is beside the point.

While surfing around Pinterest just now, I stumbled up a link to this: Custom Portrait for the Book Lover – Using Your Own Unique Thumbprint Pattern and all Your Favorite Books

I love the idea, I love the color, I love the personalization, I don’t like the price ($400!) and it’s simply too big for my tastes so it’s not something I will be buying any time soon.  Most important thing is that while it’s “using your favorite books” she means using your favorite books from a list of 100 titles she has already complied, so as long as your favorite 50 books are already part of that list you’re all set, but otherwise – no joy.

It really has gotten me thinking though – what 50 books have become part of my identity, have I “read and loved, been transported and transformed by” in the 25 or so years that I have been reading?

There are certainly books from my childhood that would be part of that list: Little House on the Prairie, Baby Sitters Club Mysteries, The Boxcar Children, Little Women, Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles, And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street, The Little Engine That Could, and others.

As a young adult there aren’t many that stand out, but The Bell Jar, and Pride and Prejudice stand out in my memory, as well as that being the time when Mystery books defined themselves as my preferred genera of fiction.  Books by Mary Higgins Clark, and Nevada Barr began to line my shelves, as did the Left Behind books.


Now as an adult, I can think of no other books that I have loved as deeply or read as often as the Harry Potter series.  I have also, in recent years, come to discover Cozy Mysteries and now Laura Childs (Both her Tea Shop, and Cackleberry Club mysteries) and Joanne Fluke take up prominent space on my shelves.  I also hoard collect classic literature in many different forms.


I don’t know if I could honestly come with a “top 50 of my life thus far” list.


All this also makes me wonder what books we are reading with and sharing with Inara that will become part of her Literary Thumbprint.


What books/Authors show up on your thumbprint?


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