My new kitchen, or “the awesomeness of my parents”

OK, let’s get this out of the way right up front – my parents are pretty awesome.  It totally sucks that we have to live so far apart, but they try and come visit every six months to a year, and every time they do, they bring their work clothes.

This time as we planned for their visit, they knew that Inara would be in school most days and Chris would also be at work, so they asked if there was a bigger project we could work on since there wouldn’t be small child disruption.  At first, we had planned to overhaul the front yard and begin (what I’m sure will be a long process) turning it into garden.  As the time came closer though, I decided I wanted to go a different route.  Chris and I are both great project starters, but horrible at actually finishing stuff – so I looked around at all the half finished projects, or supplies we had bought for things that had never gotten done, and decided to try and cross off a bunch of little things rather than one BIG thing.

I sat down and made a list, room by room, of all the things in the house I’d love to accomplish while they were here.  I came away with an average of two to three things in each room of the house.  I knew it wouldn’t all happen, so on the first afternoon of their visit we sat down and talked about the list, made a plan and decided what to work on.

However, mom and dad had a mini pow-wow while I went to pick up Chris and they had a whole new plan when we sat down to dinner.  The plane tickets they had bought to come here had, by in large, been paid for by frequent flier miles.  SO, mom decided to spend the amount she had budgeted on their tickets but hadn’t spent on upgrading some of the projects.

That is how my kitchen ended up looking like this:IMG_4032





OK, so let’s start with a very brief and very crude representation of the common areas of our house:

Document3 copy


This is the gist of the floor plan.  When we moved in almost seven years ago, and up until VERY recently (within the last few months) our dining table was in the breakfast nook, and the dining room served as this large random area I wasn’t sure what to do with.  It’s been our homschool room, a catch all area, an animal area, and all sorts of stuff.  however, I was fed up with the timy galley style kitchen I had, and always feeling like the dining table was CRAMMED into that breakfast nook.  So, I moved it over to the dining room.  This opened up lots of extra space in the kitchen.  The first step was that I wanted to put in a coffee bar area under the bay window so that I could free up some counter space and organize our keurig and electric kettle and everything that went with those.  I moved a cabinet that had been the stand to Chris’ snake tank over there and it fit PERFECTly.  Only one problem, it had no top.  So I scrounged in the garage and found a skinny piece of wood that worked but wasn’t attached, and was too large. Then some friends gave us that book shelf and after thinking for a few days, I decided to put it in the corner as a place to put all my cookbooks, small appliances, and for a bit of a decorative touch.

However, I needed more counter space, so I found this old and poorly constructed shelf/counter/thing that Chris had built years ago (and I couldn’t tell you what for now – maybe to put hedgehog cages on??).  It was 5 feet long, just taller than counter hight and despite not being even close to level or even, worked well to put my microwave, bread maker, kitchenaid mixer and other items on.  Only problem, it was ugly, uneven, not level and ugly.  But it worked so it stayed there.

So, on  my list for the kitchen was to put a real top on the coffee bar and to put a new top (that was at least even, if we couldn’t fix the level part too) on the ugly counter extender.  Well, that’s the part my parents changed.  My mom offered to buy us two new large cabinets and a counter top to replace the ugly wood thing and the one small one foot counter/cabinet that was next to the stove.  It turned out to be exactly six feet so two large 36″ cabinets and a six foot expanse of uninterrupted counter space – I had died and gone to tiny kitchen heaven.  I’m not even joking when I say adding these two cabinets almost doubles our storage space and the counter is the largest counter in my kitchen.


We went back and fourth on a few different cabinet set ups (two 18″ cabinets and a 36; a set of 18 in drawers, an 18 inch cabinet and a 35 inch cabinet; a tall 18 inch pantry cabinet, a standard 18 inch cabinet and a 36 – etc.) Finally we decided on the simplest of two 36 inch cabinets and after choosing what we wanted at Lowes, mom made me go over to Home Depot just to make sure I didn’t like what was there better.  Oh am I so glad she made me do that. The cabinets at Lowe’s looked basically the same, except they had two smaller drawers and when you opened the doors there was a small support/divider that ran between the cupboard doors in the front.  The cabinets at home depot have one large drawer and an uninterrupted cabinet space.  OH MY HEAVEN!  I also ended up choosing a different counter top than we had originally picked at Lowes, and in the end I’m very happy with that switch as well.


So, with a fair amount of hard work, Chris and my dad spent three days installing the cabinets – which also included moving an electrical outlet (which they switched from a two outlet receptor to a four outlet one!), and then the counter.  Dad also cut and installed a new top on the coffee bar, and cut me SEVERAL new shelves for the bookcases in the dining room.


It’s not a total kitchen remodel (none of us could afford that, nor was there anywhere near enough time) but it’s a FANTASTIC kitchen addition.  Mom and I also talked about several of the next steps for continuing the betterment of my tiny kitchen and it’s horrid organization issues.


While the guys were working on that, my mom and I had our own project – but that’s another blog post.


Until then, I’m going to go drool some more over my new kitchen.  I have already rearranged half my small appliances and drawers twice – I’m sure it’ll be a couple months before I finally figure out the right combination.  just in time to add new things to it for my birthday and Christmas.


3 thoughts on “My new kitchen, or “the awesomeness of my parents”

  1. It’s beautiful and very functional. I’m so happy for you. What a wonderful gift your folks gave and helped you realize.

  2. i’m so glad we could do this for you, and i love Chris’ comment “it makes her happy and anything that makes Courtney happy makes me happy”. good answer! but just so your brother and family don’t feel gipped they should know this is your Christmas present, a bit early, so don’t expect anything under the tree.

    it was fun, dusty and jumbled up the house for a few days but it looks terriffic and amazingly enough 2 days later it’s still clean! maybe we did more than we thought.

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