Summer Prep

Only five weeks left of school!  I am both excited and completely dreading summer vacation.  I am SUPER happy about not having to set that 5:30 am alarm any more, but on the other hand weeks and weeks of Inara home all day every day!  So in my head I’m already working on our Summer List and trying to find activities to get us out of the house.  The first and easiest choice was Kingdom Rock VBS at church in June.  This will be our third year doing VBS, and I find myself feeling a bit more comfortable with the routine it will provide us that week.

One down side to the school year wrapping up though, is no more AWANA for the year.  Last week was our last regular meeting of the year and this week is their annual award cerimony.  Inara really loved doing AWANA this year, and we are already looking forward to next year.  The down side is that without the structure of AWANA we don’t have a plan in place for Bible memorization over the summer – which is something I want to continue with Inara both to keep her in the habit as well as to keep brain function going.

So with VBS in mind, I made a new short set of bible verse cards to get us started.  This set includes the five bible verses from GROUP’s Kingdom Rock VBS (which is the theme our church is doing this year).  The verses are NLT version and some are truncated – both of which are done to match the verse being used in the VBS daily Bible Point.  Just for fun (and to differentiate from our “normal” cards) I added the Kingdom Rock logo to the bottom corner of each card.


Here’s a preview:



Just as before the cards are formatted to print four to a page in a 3×5 size.  Feel free to download the PDF below and use them for your kids as well.



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