Canning 101: supply update

I promise I have posts coming in the canning series, they just take a while to compile because of all the pictures. In the meantime: I want to introduce you to a new canning supply I discovered this summer and have found to be REALLY helpful!


Ball reusable plastic storage caps. These are NEVER to be used when heat sealing jars while you are canning, however they do have lots of other great applications. Back in the very first posts about canning, you’ll remember that I talked about some mistrust in reusing the metal seals in jars more than once. Also, if you’ve used mason jars for any kind of storage on a frequent basis, you may have had the same frustrations I have in using the two part lids. Well, these plastic tops can help with some of that.

If you use your jars for other storage methods other than heat sealing, you can use these. They work GREAT for dry storage, and also for freezing, cold storage (anything in the fridge, I love these with wide mouth jars when making overnight refrigerator oatmeal) or room temperature storage as seen in my picture above with my orange peel vinegar soak.

They come in both wide mouth and regular mouth, but I’ve only been able to find them online (got mine from amazon) not in stores. I highly recommend you give them a try, however be warned – you’ll end up using them for more than you thought you would. I already wish I’d ordered at least 4 boxes of regular moth lids instead of just two. 🙂

Now, I’m off to work of filling up my canned goods storage again. It’s looking MIGHTY sad and empty theses days.



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