New and News

Yesterday was a holiday here in the US making today Monday.  I (and all of us really) spent the day hanging out in my PJs, doing a whole lot of nothing, playing computer games, and relaxing before getting back to routine today.

Over the weekend I started working on a few changes to the blog, first I gave it a minor facelift, slightly different colors, easier to read (I hope), but biggest is that all the stuff from the sidebar that was over there >>> is now at the bottom of the page vvv so you can look toward the bottom if you want to search, look at specific categories/tags, subscribe to the blog etc.

Also, I am slowly in the process of adding some new sections to the top bar ^^^, as you can see I’ve already got the “printables” section there.  In that you can find links to posts that have included any type of free printable, including but not limited to the bible verse cards I posted the other day, menu planning printables linked over to my other blog FireflySkys, and more.  I’m also working on a section with links to any and all recipes, as well as one for all my canning/preserving/homesteading posts so be on the look out for those.

Speaking of canning, we are in the preservation season (if there is such a thing?) so I’m readying some more posts there too.  I have a salsa post ready to go and I’ll also be working on pasta sauce (both pressure canning procedures).  I’m also planning on starting to share some other types of preservation and homesteading like freezing, cooking, dry mixes and similar items.

Today though, I need to make some new easy jelly since I finally used my last jar of jellies and jam from last season.  I’m also considering some canning and similar giveaways – we’ll see on that. 🙂

Well, I’m off to be all domestical and make some jelly, do some laundry, clean a bit and other non-exciting things.


2 thoughts on “New and News

  1. Wow! Sounds like a big day in the kitchen with yummy results. What kind of jelly? We have crab apples that are just going to waste out in the island in our cul-de-sac. Last year John got out and picked some and made jelly, but this year he saw the maintenance crew spraying with systemic stuff, so that will turn up in the fruit. So no crab apple jelly this year. We are waiting for our apple tree to grow. Maybe we will have apples next year-its 3rd year. Have fun.

  2. looking forward to your dry mixes. i’ve tried a few of my own with some success but since i never write anything down i can never replicate them when the urge strikes again. oh well if you live by the theory that life is an adventure then shouldn’t food also be an adventure?
    Donna ~ can you put a little sign in your cul-de-sac island that says ‘Do Not Spray’ so that next year you can once again harvest crab apples for jelly? it always hurts me to see food of any kind just rotting on the vine, it seems to fly in the face of everything God created. not to mention the number of bees it often attracts. try bribing the guy with the promise of a jar of fresh home made jam and see if that helps. 😉

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