Summer Reading Adventures

My kid loves the library, loves stories, and loves reading time.  Three things I pray continue throughout her life.  As a fairly avid bibliophile myself I’m excited to have a little girl who’s at the age to start loving some of my favorites from when I was little.  We recently read book one from The Boxcar Children and she loved it!

There are a LOT of different summer reading programs in our area, everyone from the library, to the grocery store, restaurants and book stores all seem to offer a slightly different version with different time frames and “requirements” and some with awesome rewards at the end.  However I’ve always felt like most of these were for elementary kids and they just adjusted it so that younger kids could be read to instead of doing the reading.  The Library seems to have the best summer reading because it’s based on the number of books the younger children (birth to age seven) listen to and the minimum is only 15 for them to claim a prize.  However, I wanted to find something geared more towards the Pre-K/Kinder age specifically – Enter Pinterest!

A few weeks back I saw this pin floating around:

and I thought it looked interesting.  So I headed over to to check it out and liked what I saw.  Not only did this free printable packet have great “bridge” activites perfect for summer, it had lots of ideas on what to include in the packet and how to all sorts of amazing stuff.  My favorite part: A SUMMER READING PROGRAM JUST FOR PREKINDERS! I was so excited!

Summer Reading Book Bingo 

Exactly what I’d been looking for!  I printed it (and the rest of the packet) off and got to work preparing.  I started by placing holds on books by some of the specific authors mentioned to save time searching shelves at the library.  I LOVE that our library system does that – you search that catalog from your home computer, find the book(s) your looking for and “place a hold” which then sends a message to the library they pull the book from the shelf for you (or grab the next copy that’s returned if they are all checked out) and place it on a special shelf with your name on it, so all you have to do is walk in and pick up what you asked for when the tell you it’s ready!  Maybe that makes me lazy, but the dewy decimal system makes me just a bit crazy but the kids book section seems like organized chaos to me and to try and find things on those shelves while dealing with kids makes me dread going!

So, today we went to the library and picked up some books.  But to really kick things off – INARA GOT HER VERY OWN LIBRARY CARD.  I’m not sure which of us is more excited by this, her or me!


The first book she wanted to check out: The Three Little Pigs so we got on the catalog system, looked it up, and happened to also find it right where it was supposed to be on the juvenile easy shelves (a minor miracle in my book).

We came home and read the book right away.  So now she’s one book closer to her goal at the library and we can check off “Check out a book from the library” on our Book Bingo card.  I’ve decided if she get the whole bingo card filled she gets to pick out a book of her own choosing from the book store. 🙂


One thought on “Summer Reading Adventures

  1. What a great summer activity. Chris should remember weekly trips to the library getting a dozen books or more for the 3 boys. We also enjoyed the reading sessions by the librarians. Enjoy. John and I are still reading lots of books, especially since retirement!

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