How I organize for OAMC

This is my second month making an attempt at doing all my cooking for the month in one big go.  This time I’ll be doing it on Friday of this week.  There are a couple big things I do ahead of time in order to feel the most organized and the most prepared before I even go into my kitchen.

1) I have to have a menu planned out.  Even if all I’m going to cook are family favorites that I’ve made a million times before, I have to have them all written down and organized to make sure that a) I’ve got enough meals planned to cover all the days in the month I need to cook for and b) that I also don’t have too many things planned or I know that they won’t get done and then I’ll feel upset about it.

2. I take that menu and translate it into a list of what meals I need to make in different categories.  I work through one category at a time on cooking day so that I’m only dealing with one set of main ingredients at a time – especially great when it comes to raw meat products.

3. Print and copy.  I track down all the recipes I need, usually onto my Pinterest Menu Plan board, but also from cookbooks and things.  Then I either print or make a copy of each recipe.  These recipes are then sorted into the categories represented on the list.  I use these to cook from obviously, but then I also include the copy in the freezer bag as I’m putting the meal in the freezer, that way when I take it out, all the directions for any other cooking I need to do is right there.  I don’t have to go look it up or track down the recipe – it makes it so much easier.



Those are my basic steps in prep work outside the kitchen.  I’ll follow up later with how I actually work in the kitchen, but I wanted to start here because good prep work is the foundation to success I think.


Happy Wednesday!



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