Oh My Gosh – YES!

So, for anyone who’s known me over the past year or two, you will (I’m undoubtedly sure) have been witness to (in some form or another) one of my soap box rants on transparent living and being open and vulnerable with our lives.  It has become a topic on which I am becoming more and more empasioned every day (much to the dismay of some I think) but I cannot help it.  I have realized that for a LARGE part of my life, I lived in shame of just about every aspect of my life, and that the only way to stop being ashamed of yourself is to be open about who you are so that others can say “hey, me too” and then suddenly you realize, I’m not alone in all of this!

Well, tonight, while watching TEDTalks on YouTube, Chris stumbled onto two videos (each about 20 minutes, but SO worth it) of Brene Brown presenting at last yeats TEDTalks and again at this years TEDTalks about – you guessed it – vulnerability and shame!  Seriously, these videos are AWESOME, please please please don’t let their content scare you off from watching them – they aren’t scary, they aren’t ment to make you feel ashamed or guilty – the whole point of TEDTalks is “ideas worth sharing”.

In May, I’ve been asked/volunterred to give my testimony durring our MOPS Tea and Testimony.  If it were at all possible, I would skip the talking for myself and just show these videos, becuase they are totally the WHOLE point of my story (only without the God is AWESOME part of the story, so maybe not the WHOLE point).  They sumerize who I chose to live as and why I feel it’s important.  Ashley may have “choose joy” but if I could give a catch phrase to my life it would be “be open” – not as cute and catchy, and I’m sure not many would jump on the bandwagon and brand themselves with it as well, but it is truely who I’ve become and the message I hope to spread with my life.

Please watch and enjoy these videos – I PROMISE they are so worth the 41 minutes of your life they will consume!  If you disagree, I’ll treat you to starbucks and we’ll talk about it!


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