The Hippy Homesteader Ruminates

So, I was thinking about some random stuff tonight.  I made an amazing quiche for dinner, it really wasn’t anything fancy, but it made me truely belive in what they say about quality ingrediants making a quality dish.  The quiche featured mushrooms (my favorite, less thrilling for everyone else in my house) as the main ingrediant.  These mushrooms where locally grown crimini mushrooms that Greenling delivered yesturday to my doorstep.  Seriously, I cannot rave about Greenling enough or too often.  I love their service, I love that they deliver, I love the local products to support local farms, I love the quality, I love the selection!  If you live in the Austin or San Antonio area and haven’t tried them yet – do it!  And don’t try and tell me you can’t afford it, because if I can squeeze it into my budget I know you can, I don’t think I know anyone else out there who feeds their family on about $80 for two weeks!

But back to the quiche…

So, local crimini mushrooms – and let me tell you they were fabulous – the perfet size, lovely color and texture, and better than I’ve ever seen at HEB.  I cut them into thick(ish) slices, somewhere around a quarter inch or so and browned them with 2 tablespoons of butter and a quarter of a finely diced white onion.  I could have stopped there, eatten that alone, and been a happy camper – but my family was hungry too, so I figured I better go ahead and make the rest of the food too lol.  After spreading the mushrooms and onions in the bottom of the pie curust, I sprinkled (liberaly) on some shreaded parmesain cheese that I needed to use up – maybe 1/2 a cup or so.  I decided my family would complain if that’s all I put in, so I cut up two peices of Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon.  Applegate Farms, is another thing I could praise and praise and praise, all natural, nitrate free, uncured, organic options, anti-biotic free, humainly raised, and SUPER yummy deli products (bacon, sausage, cheese, cold cuts, hot dogs, and more) again TOTALLY worth the price.  I don’t feel guilty at all now that Inara practically lives on hot dogs, because these are hot dogs like I’ve never seen before – sure they aren’t health food, but they are so much better than the dollar a pack brand I’d been buying.

But again, I digress…

Just two strips of bacon added just the right hint of meat to make my family happy.  Then I topped the mixture with about 1/2 a cup of fresh finly chopped flat leaf parsley.  It all looked SO good.  But, it wouldn’t have been a quiche if it didn’t have eggs.  So, I wandered over to the fridge and pulled out six eggs.  The best part of these eggs – I knew the chickens they came from.  Our own happy hens are now givving us two eggs a little more frequently than every other day and there is always at least one egg in the box each morning.  Lovely brown eggs – but not like the “perfect” ones you buy in the store.  Our eggs are as unique as the chickens who make them.  Carol our red sex link chicken is the leader of our flock, outgoing, the most tame, and the most demanding of goodies lol.  She lays eggs these beautiful mocha colored eggs, with choclate colored flecks on them.  She’s been giving us eggs for just over a month now, without fail.  A large brown egg every day.  Our newest layer is Barbara our barred plymoth rock.  Her eggs are larger than medium sized eggs, but not quite the same size as a large store bought egg, and are a lovely creamy light brown color.  She lays an egg every other day or so, and has only been giving us these pretty eggs for about a week to a week and a half.  She’s starting to lay more frequently and should fully mature to lay one 5 days out of 7.  Our last girl, Adele, is an easter egger chicken who will lay lovely blue or green eggs – when she finally gets around to it.


Again, back to the quiche…


I cracked open these pretty eggs, fresh this week, and watched the thick egg plop into the bowl.  Farm fresh eggs are amazing when you compair them to store bought – even store bought brown eggs.  The shells are hard, them membraine between the shell and the egg fluids is thick and sometimes difficult to break through.  When you do get the egg open, the liquid of the white is thick and and runny, and the yolk is this amazing orange color.  Just looking at it you can tell it was made by happy spoiled chickens and it’s packed full of nutrients that chickens raised in chicken frams just don’t have.

As I poured the eggs over the layers of yumm in the pie plate I couldn’t wait – it just looked like it was going to be good.  Into the oven it went and 30 minutes later out it came (probably could have cooked just a few minutes less actually) and man did it smell good.


I set the table, called the family over, and we cut it up and dished it out.


Seriously, I’ve never had a better tasting quiche.  Looking at it, it was nothing fancy, mushrooms, cheese, bacon and eggs, but the flavor was out of this world.  Inara even ate it with little resistance (after she picked out all the mushrooms) which says a lot for dinner.


It all made me think about the food, the quality, the local ingredients and it made me happy.  My husband calls me a dirty hippy, but I think I decided tonight that “dirty” isn’t the right word lol.  Sure I clean my face with oil and wash my hair with baking soda and vinegar.  I may wash our clothes using “nuts” and disenfect our house using herbs, but all of those things are clean, natrual, and sustainable.  So, dirty isn’t the right way to describe this hippy – nope, I’ve decided I am a happy hippy instead. 🙂  So, while I may not shave my legs, use expensive chemicals to clean my body, house or clothing, and have chickens running around my back yard, I am not dirty (well, unless I step in chicken poop, which is in fact inevitable) I ama happy.  I am thrilled with the steps I’ve taken this year to help my house be “green” (a term I’m not thrilled with FYI).  Am I perfect – HA!  I almost never remember to take my reusable bags to the grocery store, I drive a gas guzzling mini van much larger of a vehicle than my family needs (but it’s ours, we got the title just a few weeks ago, all paid off!), and I waste water while I brush my teeth.  But, I’m happy, happy with the example I set for my daughter, happy with the steps I do take to make our lives more healthy, and happy with the fact that so many of the natural solutions are also the more inexpensive solutions!


Really, there was no point in this post – I just wanted to let you know, I’ll no longer be answering to the term “dirty hippy”, nope lol, I’m now the “happy hippy”. 😀  Have a great rest of the weekend everyone




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