Well, if we’re friends on Facebook, then you already know that this week Inara and I finished our second week of homeschool!  I will not lie, despite the fact that Chris and I have basically been talking about this since conception (before?) I was not ready, was totally intimidated, and compleatly overwhelemed at the idea of a) being in charge of educating my child 100% b) my child never leaving home lol.  However, with the help and encouragment of homeschooling friends, and a LOT of internet time I found out that preschool is OK, I can actually teach my daughter at this level, and that I don’t really have to worry about teaching her to read (what?!) until next year lol.

Over the past year and a half (maybe more) I’ve tried and failed MANY times to start up a homeschool routine, which was part of my anxiety.  However, I finally found materials I liked, was comfortable with, and didn’t require me to put in hours of prepwork just to use it.  In the past (through trial and error) I’ve discovered a few things regarding myself and this role of teacher 1) I NEED a guideline and plan – as much as I love the idea of “Unschooling” or the Montesori style, I just can’t do it – it stresses me out. 2) If I don’t like it I’m not going to try and work through it, and therefor it just won’t happen.

So, I spent much of August reserching, planning, and prepairing for school – the plan was to start after labor day.  Actually the plan was to start sooner than that but I underestemated how much prep I’d require, and how busy life was so, I sat down and gave myself an extra two weeks and went with after Labor Day and after Gram and Gramps visted.  So, I found materials I liked, figured out what I needed to do to at least get through the first week and build a foundation to go from there, and then planned, set up, decorated, compleatly moved, rearanged, set up and decorated all over again our school area. lol

I decided to use the Raising Rock Stars Preschool from 1+1+1=1 in combination with Letter of the Week items from Confessions of a Homeschool as well as KUMON workbooks we had already purchased to comprise the majority of our materials.  However, with the help of Pinterest, I’ve collected (and continue to) lots of blogs, posts, ideas, and other things for hands on learning which is the best thing at this stage for Inara.  I have also been forced to look at things from the angle of low cost since we a) don’t have a ton of money to invest in preK and b) don’t really want to spend a ton of money on preK anyway.  Sure, I could walk into a teacher supply store, or browse Amazon and easily spend a couple hundread bucks on tools, supplies, and manipulatives over and above the cost of our curriculm(s), but that just seems silly!  So, we’re (read: I) amd doing a lot of “knock-off” and general creatvieness in order to still get all the tools I’d like but keep costs at a resenable level.  I also have a feeling that for Christmas this year Inara will be getting lots of books, interactive learning toys, and school supplies lol.

I have several posts upcoming on some of the homemade items I’ve done, but for now I just wanted to share our school room with you. 🙂

Our whole school room.

Our class board, calendar, and Inara's workboxes

The side of our main area with the words to our calendar area songs and Inara's schedual strip.

All our supplies on the bookcase.

nicely labeled and organized supplies (I ❤ my label maker)

teacher supplie cabinet with tissues, trashcan, pen/pencil jar (and it also now has the tape dispenser) on top.

I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.

Stay tuned, I’ve got lots of great homeschool projects coming up in my next ongoing series:


2 thoughts on “!HOMESCHOOL!

  1. Courtney– what are you doing for handwriting?? I am a huge fan of the handwriting w/out tears. If it is something you are interested in, I actually have an extra teachers manual that I would be willing to give you. You can do it yourself the main materials you need and the books have the patterns for it. They do have a preschool- workbook as well. According to the copyright you can make copies of it, but only use one per child at a time (as in I can’t by one book and make copies for the entire class, but can by one classroom set and use it multiple times). Anyway I have 2 copies so I could scan one for you to check out. Let me know if you are interested. They even have a cd that I love, and I think I have 2 copies of that as well that I could send with the book. If you already have something you are doing that is great, but if you are looking I strongly recommend it.

  2. I’m slowly catching up on my blog reading 🙂

    WOW Courtney, the room looks awesome. Like a fully stocked and functioning classroom. I am really impressed with the amount of work I’m assuming that took. You’re doing a great job!

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