Today, through a variety of link clicks, I stumbled upon an interesting blog – but more specifically, an INCREDIBLY interesting blog post 1,200 Names for Yellow on Aunt Peaches.


Esentially the entire post is about an amazing piece of art created by the blogger which is entitled (amazingly enough) 1,200 Names for Yellow:

The peice is made up for swatches of color that all fall within the spectrum of yellow, but are differant from each other – and the creative names given to them.  It’s amazing and it really makes me wish I could hang it on my wall because I could spend HOURS looking at it.


However, the part that really got me thinking was what we call colors.  Something I’ve thought about a lot in my life – especially since I have a husband who, bless him anyway, can’t see more than about 8 colors in the entire color spectrum – so everything is blue, no matter if it’s cornflower, navy, or cadet.  For me – who can see very minute differances in shades, tones, and colors it can be very frustrating to ask someone who is lucky to recognize the color as something other than white, grey or black, which shade of yellow he’d like me to pain the living room between three color swatches.  The blogger/artist brings about the point about how we teach our kids the basics: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, black, brown, white, grey and pink.  But what about the other 85 colors in their crayola box of 96 – or even the others in a box of 16?  Because there is a big differant between green yellow and yellow green – and I’m sorry but Violet and Purple are not the same color – also, blue and purple both have a colors that could be named royal as well as colors that share the name of periwinkle.


So – when do you teach your kids the differance between green and lime, or pink and fuchsia, or yellow and buttercup?  Because the shirt I have on isn’t blue, or green, or turqouise or aqua even, it’s most definatly Tiffany Blue.


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