Back to “school”

This is it, our last year of preschool, I can’t belive (or refuse to whichever) that next year my sweet little baby girl will be a kindergardener!  In the past couple weeks/months she has had several growth spurts (including the standard two size jump in shoes over the summer!) and a huge personality shift into being a little girl and not a toddler anymore.


One of these days someone will figure out how to stop this from happening any more right?


Yesturday was her first day back a school, and she handeled it like a CHAMP!  She was excited to be there, wanted to get to school, wanted to go to her class (although she didn’t quite understand why she had a new room and new teachers), walked right in the classroom door, hung up her bag and put her lunch in her cubbie (that she could reach all on her own!) without a backwards glance or a “bye mom”.  It sounds like she had a great time, even though her best bud Jenna isn’t back at KDO with her this year.  She does have one friend from chruch/MOPS in her room this year – Jackson, so I’m glad she knows someone at least even if Jenna won’t be there – not that differant kids seemed to bother her one bit!


Before we headed off to school she posed for some 1st day of school pictures for me.  “posing” for pictures has become interesting as well these days – at least now she mostly holds still and lets me take one – but well, yeah, I’ll let you see…


I think this was supposed the be some sort of ballerina pose or something, but she looked at it said, “that’s me, I’m being silly”.

Showing off the new backpack while looking wistfully into the distance…

“Mom take a picture of my backpack.”

more wistfull looks

“mommy take another picture of my new pretty backpack that I love so much.”

At least I know she loves her new bag – she takes it with her everywhere, and I’m glad I made it just a bit bigger because it’s usually got three dolls, two happy meal type toys, and three other random things shoved in it.  I might have to make her another one thats specifically for school just so she can have one to play with that I don’t have to worry about her taking all her school stuff out and losing it!


2 thoughts on “Back to “school”

  1. Thanks for the pictures. We always took pics too before school started. The backpack is really cute and spacious looking. Very nice job! Inara is growing up–you’re right, not a toddler anymore. I love the wistful looks and being silly!

  2. our little cutie is growing up all of a sudden…
    great first day pictures and the back pack turned out great. i love the giant ‘I’

    can’t wait to see you all and give her a great big hug! ;-D

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