Menu Plan Monday 7/25/11

So, it’s Monday, the start to another crazy week.  I’ve already had at least three breakdowns this morning – including one point where I was pushed to tears because I couldn’t figure out how to save my weekly menu, or upload it to the blog after Chris updated my computer over the weekend to the newest Mac OS.  So, now that he’s helped me figure it out, here’s this weeks menu – hope you have a great week!




PS – I changed up the look and graphics of the blog, hoping that the look of linen and blue is soothing. 🙂




One thought on “Menu Plan Monday 7/25/11

  1. Looks like a great week of delicious food. Very organized to have it planned out every week. I’m doing good to get it planned one day in advance. I have planned Sunday — Tuesday though for coming week. Having 17 ladies over for luncheon for mom’s 90th birthday on Monday. Maria if flying in as a SURPRISE for her birthday. Coming Sunday through Tuesday.

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