What I Wore Wednesday

So, one of the blogs I read Lu Bird Baby has this thing where each week on Wednesday she posts a picture of what she wore each day the previous week.  The idea actually comes from another blog (The Pleated Poppy) and the idea is to get us (thats a royal all encompassing us) motivated to change out of our PJs or sweats each day and put on some real clothes.  I’ve been looking at her posts for over a year, and have thought a couple times about doing something like that myself.  But a) I wear the same thing almost every day b) then I got pregnant and really did wear basically the same thing everyday (seriously, I had the same exact shirt in 5 different colors) and then c) I felt kinda stupid doing it.  Then I realized that all of these were excuses, and partly the exact reason why I should do something like this.  It’s about time to get out of my mom jeans and try and look like a productive member of the human race each day – who knows, maybe this will help with some of the emotional crud I’ve been going through.  So, next week, I’ll be back – hold me to it – to show you what I wore this week, the good, the bad, and the accessories 😉

Anyone want to join me?


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