Menu Plan Monday: Holiday Edition

This week’s menu was delayed a day due to yesterday being a holiday.  But we are up and running now.  My goal this week (or month, we’ll see how it goes) is to eat all meals at home and not eat out.  If we chose to do doughnuts this weekend (it’s becoming somewhat of our new summer routine) we’ll buy them at HEB with the groceries, not out at the shop and that sort of thing.  July is an expensive month for us, it’s when our house taxes and home owners insurance are both due, as well as we just spent more than I care to think about on three plane tickets to Portland in October (Chris’ brother is getting married, yay!) even though Southwest had an awesome deal, it was still basically a ton of $$.  Which, begs the question, why does my three year old have to pay an adult price, but people over the age of 65 get a discount, I can almost promise that my 3 year old doesn’t take up as much space and isn’t as demanding of the flight crew as the average adult. *sigh* whatever.


Hope everyone had a great Holiday!  We’re still recuperating over here from our jam packed weekend of home projects that aren’t totally finished.



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