Sweet Little Girls

It’s been a fun three days watching and getting to know our new baby chicks.  Sadly of the three we ordered online, one didn’t survive the shipping process – luckily it was the one I was least excited about (yes, I know that sounds awful, but hey, just being honest) but we were able to find a semi-local source to buy a new girl who is just two weeks old.  That makes her the oldest of the group, but close enough in age that we were relatively comfortable in putting her in with our delicate day old chicks.

So, now we have 1 Plymouth Barred Rock, 1 Red Star, and 1 Easter Egger.

Let me introduce you to our flock:

First is our super sweet Red Star, so far she seems to be last in the pecking order.  I often see her off on her own to the side of the other two chicks, and when we are reaching into the brooder for something, she’ll be the one hiding most in the back.

She is 4 or 5 days old right now (these pictures were taken today) and when she grows up, she’ll look something like this:

Next up is our Barred Plymouth Rock.  Of the two younger hens, she is certainly the dominate one.  She and our older girl have become good friends already and I often see them together either playing, sleeping or eating.  From everything I’ve read, this bread tends to be the noisy, bossy, in charge chickens who boss the other hens around.  So far, I’m finding that to be fairly true.

Again, she’s only 4 or 5 days old, but when she grows up, she’ll be a real beauty:

Lastly, this is our Easter Egger. She seems to be in charge but mainly because she’s almost twice the size of the other chicks. She protects them, and they hide behind her when we reach into the brooder. She’s really calm, but definitely flighty if we try and pick her up.

Since Easter Eggers are kinda mutts, they can have vastly different color options without any real way to tell what they’ll look like as chicks unless you specifically bread them.  Since the person we bought her from tried to pass her as an Americauna (the pure bread version of the genetic line) I figure if I contact them to ask what color she might be they won’t really be able to say.  But from what I can guesstimate by comparing her to her pure bread cousins, and looking at pictures online, when she grows up, she might look something like this, but maybe a couple shades lighter:


They are so cute, sweet, and finally seem to be settling into their surroundings and getting comfortable with each other and determining their pecking order in the flock.  I can tell they are going to be a handful as they get older, but a fun handful!


We are still trying to figure out names, even if they’ve already got some nicknames (I’ve been calling the EE Big Momma and the BPR Bossy).  Chris has basically said they are my girls, and my naming responsibility lol.  The best I can do at this point is that I have decided I want to go with theme names so that all three of their names relate to each other.  Here are some of my ideas – I’d love feedback, suggestions, opinions, or other ideas if anyone’s got them!

US History Names:

Barred Rock: Betsey Ross (because of the Plymouth breed)

EE: Mary Todd

RS: Lady Bird


Food Names:






Pot Pie


Women In Literature:

Elizabeth (Lizzie)



Josephine (Jo)












Old Lady Names:












Harry Potter Characters:





Oh, and for the record, if we were allowed 4 I’d name them Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda in a heart beat – I’d just need another “blond”


Someday I want to add a rooster to our group, I already have picked out the breed and the name, but obviously that will be at another time, in another place since we’re limited to three here in the SA city limits and decided we wanted all girls a) out of respect to our neighbors not to have a Rooster crowing all the time and b) we want eggs!  But when the day comes, I’ll be getting a Buckeye Rooster named Brutus. 🙂

Aren’t they handsome?!


Anyway, what do you think of our names?


7 thoughts on “Sweet Little Girls

  1. I love the food names, but i don’t want you to name them after food because eventually when i get animals i will name them after food (can not wait to get beef cows named Brisket and RumpRoast!

    ok, ok, I still like the food names. Pot Pie, Paprikash, and Marsala are my faves, Pie, Kashi, and Marci 🙂

    • Thats one of the reasons I’m hesitant to use the old lady names, that’s what our dairy cow names will be. I’m also hesitant about the flowers because of Daisy.

  2. Alyssa, Matilda and Luna are mine. All great names, yeah stay away from the food names. I would be thinking of that way too much once they start laying eggs

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