Ready and waiting

Our chicks could arrive as early as today (although I’m not expecting them till tomorrow and they aren’t late till after Thursday), so final preparations have been made, and we are all excitedly awaiting their chirping little box!

I just wanted to share (because I said I would) our brooder set-up. The brooder is the indoor living arrangement for baby chicks up to a couple months old. Ours is made using half a large sturdy cardboard box (the box our big compost spinner came in actually) then we made a lid to keep our babies safe from their first predators, the cars.

We screwed 1x2s together to firm a large square that fit singly around the outside of the box. Then, we used fluorescent light diffuser screen (a product tried and true in our house – we’ve been using it for years to keep the cats off the snake tanks) cut up and put back together to form the right sized square as a cover for the box and attached it to the 1x2s using zip ties.

The brooder light stand is a frakenstnied stand that we purchased, then modified to fir our brooder correctly. A 150W red heat lamp hangs over the center of the brooder to keep the chicks at the right temp.


Inside the box is a four(ish) inch layer of fine pine shavings mixed with 1/3 cup diatomaceous earth then, for the first day or two paper towels are set onto of that to allow the chicks to get their feet & legs working right. Also in there is a feeder and waterer (both empty in the picture) and a thermometer to monitor the temp inside with the chicks.


We are all set, ready, and waiting! Can’t wait to show you pictures of our little chirpers!


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