Gone, all gone.

It’s already hot here in SA. For a couple weeks I’ve been tired of the weight and bulk of my hair, and the effort involved even in just putting it back. Last night after my shower, the meat thought of brushing & drying my hair exhausted me.

So, I did this.


Yes, that’s about 10 inches of hair.

Then I trimmed and tried to make even.


When all was said and done. This is what our sink looked like.


Now, my head looks something like this.


Still deciding if I want to go shorter. I know I kinda want it “choppier” but it’ll do for now.


2 thoughts on “Gone, all gone.

  1. Cute, but I bet you will like it shorter even than that for summer. I always liked it when you had it short! I finally got to the StJames Tea Room last night for a special MOPS Tea they had. I got the Van Gough Smiling and will get it off to you in the mail. Enjoy. I also got myself some. I served the last of mine when the Heetderks from Grand Rapids, MI visited us last week. Good luck on the new diet program. We are encouraging you on from the sidelines. I want to drop 5-10 lbs before Michael’s wedding too. 🙂

  2. i’m with Donna on this one…….shorter….in the long run you will be happier, it’s less up keep in the summer swim season. and you always look really cute in short hair……jr prom short or senior year short and curly. both good looks on you.

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