And so it begins

This is how it all started…

Two weekends ago, my mom gave me a challenge.  She’s been doing weight watchers now for (I think) two years (ish) and is now (and has been) about 15 pounds from her goal weight, and floundering.  Her challenge to herself was to finish off those last 15 pounds by her birthday (the same week as Inara’s 4th birthday).  So, since she was challenging herself (and you’re always more successful when you have someone to work with/keep accountable to) she put the challenge to me as well – 15 to 20 pounds gone by July 26.

Last week was not the week for me to start watching what I eat actually trying to lose weight.  With the last MOPS meeting of the year, and other stuff going on I just knew it wasn’t going to happen.  Instead, I planned, and made preparations and debated if I was even going to accept the gauntlet.

Today, I started.

I’m going to be open and honest with these numbers in hopes that by being 100% transparent I’ll be more motivated to leave the title of “obese” behind.

The lowest weight I can ever remember being: 162 (somewhere back in High School)

The weight I was when I got married (ish) around 170 – 175

Weight after Inara was born: 193

Weight I need to be at to qualify as “overweight” rather than “obese”: 174

Overall goal weight: somewhere around 130

Current numbers

Weight: 229 lbs

Bust: 46″

Waist: 42″

Hip: 51″

Clothing size: 22/XXL (depending on brand/pattern) (I like Old Navy, I’m only a 16/18 there!)

Goal by 7/23/11: 210 lbs

So, if I’m grumpy, or my tummy is rumbling – sorry, my body is trying to adjust to only eating 1200 – 1500 calories a day.

I’ve also managed to bring Chris on board this challenge.  Anyone else want to join in?  If your a SparkPeople user, you can find me username: Kaugomu


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