Happy Birthday Mr. You

29 years ago, my Mother-in-law got a surprise mother’s day present.  After spending the day setting up for a Mother’s Day brunch the next day, she settled into bed, 8 months pregnant, when suddenly her water broke.  Chris arived a little while later, and none of us have ever been the same. lol

I’ve been so blessed to call you my husband, and Inara is totally enthralled by you – even when it doesn’t seem that way.  You hold our family up, and keep us together, and you’ve been with me through so much where so many other’s wouldn’t have stayed.  I love you my dear – PVC and all.

Happy Birthday!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mr. You

  1. Sweet tribute to a great guy. He’s always been full of energy, fun loving, smart, kind, helpful and loving. He could run circles around me when he was small and kept me on the edge of challenge and learning about him and his personality all the time. He’s become a great husband and father to 2 great ladies, Courtney and Inara.
    Happy Birthday and make some memories even if you have to do it when you feel better. Love, Mom and Dad.

  2. and we are totally blessed to have Christopher as part of our family! he keeps us entertained, informed, technically close to savy as we let him. but most of all he takes very good care of our baby and then of her baby.
    love you Christopher.
    happy birthday to a truely wonderful person.

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