Just some randomness captured on the iPhone from our week…

My business cards and hang tags came in, I love them – but next time I’ll spend the extra money and order them on a heavier card stock, they may look professional, but they still feel like I printed them at home. :-/

I got this vintage desk from our neighbor a couple weeks ago, I love it! It’s in great shape, and it’s just like the one my mom had when I was growing up. It’s been floating around our living room all week while I try and figure out where I want it to live!

Chris is trying to turn me into a Treky – but thats OK, I’ve got him hooked on…

Restaurant story! (Its a game on iPhone/iPad)

We had house guests last weekend, and we blew the air bed up in the living room – Inara’s in love & we’ve been too lazy to take it down all week. She’s hung out, watched movies, eaten, and last night I even found she’d gotten out of her bed and put herself to sleep there.

Got Mother’s Day gifts out in the mail – should arrive today or tomorrow if they haven’t already!

I love when DCs tag gets tangled up, and ends up like this – it makes me smile, because it’s so totally him!

Inara’s infatuated with this dress-up tutu she’s got, she wants to wear it all the time. I’m a parent who believes in letting my kid wear whatever in most circumstances (as long as it’s not weather inappropriate) – there are bigger battles out there – even if it means wearing a pink sparkly tutu to the library.

Nothing like a little skinny dipping in the kiddy pool while you wait for dinner to cook.

And what a yummy dinner it was too – grilled zucchini and summer squash pizza with tomatoes and fresh basil.

I really need to get a swim suit, so that I stop doing this…

Just to do this!

Hope everyone had a great week!  Happy Friday!


One thought on “InstaFriday

  1. I loved your week! Yumm! the pizza looks great. And so does the swimming pool–maybe not the skinny dipping for myuh…but little I must think it’s fun! Yes, I got the Mother’s Day packet and loved the earrings and thought it was all very professional–the packaging, the hang tag and all. Thank you. Sweet of you to do that. I’ll wear them Mother’s Day. We are going up to Alice and Larry’s for lunch and the afternoon. Oh, and the sparkly tutu–go Inara. Sometimes I wish I could be all cute and sparkly especially when John takes me to Home Depot for a date!!! 🙂

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