Swim season is here, Chris has our pool in working order (as of last weekend), it’s the perfect temperature of cold, and I have no swimsuit!  As in, none.  Not just I only have ones from years past, or that don’t fit real great or whatever, I do not own a swimsuit.  The past three summers I switched back and forth from a cute swim-dress that faded to near see thru in the sun and a maternity suit that I got rid of in the purging of all things related to maternity clothes back in January.

So, I’ve spent the last month scouring the internet for a suit I both loved and that would fit – I am determined to get something that will last me for as long as it fits (which, honestly I hope isn’t more than just this summer) works well when swimming with Inara (I found her feet would get tangled in my swim dress), is cute, and comfortable – I know, thats a big bill of sale. lol  Oh, and I didn’t want to pay a fortune for it – although my definition of “a fortune” has altered somewhat now after all the looking I’ve been doing.

So, I’ve narrowed down the candidates to two different sites – ModCloth and Land’s End.  But now I need help getting the options down from 8! to one.

Here are the final contenders:

ModCloth Options

First off, let me just say I LOVE ModCloth – I love the vintage/retro style and the super cute everything – just not the price tags usually.

This is my absolute favorite option, there are just two drawbacks – 1, it’s out of stock, and 2, it’s a halter top (as are all the options from ModCloth). I’ve only had one halter top swimsuit, and I always found the knot uncomfortable (I have a lot of chest to hold up after all). I’m hoping though, that since this halter has wide straps that maybe it would be more comfortable.

This is option B it’s the same as the red in every way except that it’s in stock.

I love the red on this as well, but again it’s out of stock, they restock often though so waiting a week or two should put one or both of these options back in stock – I hope.

This pewter is the same as the red (and the same style as all of them) but the most “safe” option design/color wise.

Lands End Options

These shorts are the entire reason I looked at Lands End. I’ve been saying for years that I wished women’s swimsuits had an option for shorts like men’s board shorts. Finally someone heard me. I love how practical these would be – more coverage, comfortable, easy to wear in and out of the pool (over and over and over again – yay swimming with kids) and nothing for Inara’s feet to get tangled in. The come in white (um, yeah, no) black, and navy – navy being my preference, so the following tops were chosen to coordinate with the navy board shorts.

Again with the polkadots – what can I say, I love ’em. The only thing I’m not sure of with this one is the bow under the chest bit – seems… odd.

I really like the color variance on this top, but I’m afraid it’s placement will “enhance” my bust – which doesn’t need any enhancement at all.

And lastly – this is an aqua top, cute, modest, and I think the colors would work together even though they don’t “match”.

So – any thoughts?


4 thoughts on “HELP!

  1. I love all the top options… whatever color and patern. i do agree that for you a halter may be a tad difficult, but they are super cute. i am also a board short type of girl… with a cute bathing suit top. i still like the halters, but I unlike yourself have no chest to speak of.

  2. I really like the halter tops, but wonder also if it wouldn’t be too much pressure on your neck to always have to tie it up. If it was tight enough to go without the ties, that might work. I also like the navy polka dots with the tie in front at the midriff. If you didn’t want the tie I bet you could just cut it off. I found a basic black one piece at Wal-Mart for $15 to use in our spa. All the bromine and chemicals are so hard on suits. I really like this suit as it has tight panels and really looks good on me–although who cares at 10 pm outside in the dark! Anyway, have fun deciding.

  3. tuff mother words – sorry honey the retro just isn’t you. your body isn’t there yet. though i will agree the red with white polka dots is cute ,,,,still did you ever stop to consider that maybe it’s a sign that it’s out of stock????

    i agree with Donna on the navy polka dots with shorts. and if the bow is obnoxious just take it off. she’s right all the way around

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