A little home improvement

I don’t know if you remember the little incident when, two days in a row, Inara managed to get ahold of a sharpie and add a lovely amount of artwork to our home – all over the backs of couch cushions, the end of the cabinets and more than one wall…  Well, after looking at it, crying over it, scrubbing it over and over with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (more than once, it seems to be the only thing that ever came close to touching it!) I finally decided that the walls and cabinets would simply have to be sanded down and repainted – this was months ago.

This last weekend I finally got around to doing the two spots in the hallway, because I wanted to hang a shelf and I figured before I covered up the section of wall, I better fix it or I never would do it.

There were red sharpie coloring marks on both sides of the hall, almost as mirror images, and I had to sand off a considerable section of the paint and texture (almost a square foot on both sides).  This didn’t make me any happier about the whole situation.

About a dozen coats of paint later (and a small scare that I’d chosen the wrong paint can considering the kitchen and living room are two different, but very similar shades of yellow and I couldn’t remember which the hall was) and a couple hours of dry time the walls were repainted, free of red sharpie, and unless you knew where and what to look for, not really noticeable.

Then this morning, with some help from Chris, I got the shelf up – as you can see, it’s where I plan to store all our jars of home canned yummies.

I’m totally pleased with the outcome of the shelf, just wish I could have skipped the middle steps of removing “art” from my walls.


2 thoughts on “A little home improvement

  1. Looks good and with satisfaction for a job well done, you can enjoy the shelf and the fruits and vegies of your labor. I like the color you chose.

  2. looks good, most sensible use of this space i’ve seen to date!

    good job on the painting. now all you have to do it get busy and fill those shelves. think there are enough of them? 🙂

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