Menu Plan Monday

On Saturday, we all went to the farmers market, in order to start with my plan of buying much more (almost, but not quite exclusively) locally available, grown, and in season produce for our family. We planned ahead by walking around our garden, checking what was growing and inventorying what may be ready for us to eat this week, and my asking Chris a lot of questions and doing some quick research on what’s in season and available right now. In the end, I made a rough list, and we ended up coming home with this lovely stash of yummy:

We got (from left in a clockwise (ish) order): Radish (I think they are called easter egg radish, but I could be wrong), Red Potatoes, Broccoli, Early Contender Bush Beans, Arrugala, Carrots, Chioggia (I think) Red Beets, Zucchini, Sundance Yellow Summer Squash. I had specific plans for some, others I just wanted to try, and some are just “basic” veggies in our house.  Check out the menu we worked out based on the goodies at the farmers market, and my increasing cravings for “summer food” (and the great deal on chicken breast at HEB this week).

Also going on this week:
Canning – Tomato Jam (hoping to hit close to Bin 555’s Tomato Marmalade)
Baked goods going into the freezer: the Blueberry Muffins and Pumpkin Scones from last weeks plan, and a second Ham and Broccoli Quiche (doubled from Saturday’s Recipe)

Have a great food week everyone!


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