2010 in review



We had quite a year in 2010, full of highs, lows, family, friends, vacation, travel, work, and love.  Our Christmas cards this year (if they ever get sent) don’t contain our usual Christmas letter, with all that’s happened in the past month I just didn’t have a chance to sit and really work on it – understandable I think.  But I still wanted to take the time to sit and record and reflect on the year that passed.  Recognize some of the great times we had and the wonderful people who shared them with us.

We started 2010 fairly calmly, with friends, birthday parties and fun play dates.  As we headed into March, we took a trip to New Mexico and spent a week seeing the sights in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  We had lots of fun spending the days at the Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Aquarium, Explora! and spending time with family.  As summer moved closer we opened the pool and spent many days swimming and splashing.  In June Inara and I spent three weeks in Ohio having tons of fun with Gram, Gramps, Aunti Lexi, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Kendal, Aubrey, Jeffery, Aunt Pame, Uncle Paul, and many more friends.  We were proud to be a part of Dad’s VFW ceremony, and had lots of fun doing lots of shopping with mom!  July saw Inara turn 3 (I still can’t believe how big and how old she’s getting!) which meant the end of our speech lessons with Ms. Jacki, a bittersweet moment for sure.  Summer was spent with friends, at the Kiddie Park, playing, swimming, and just having fun.  In August Inara started a one day a week Kids Day Out program that she loves – I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been asked if she can go to “school” during break!  In the fall, we had Family pictures and Inara’s 3 year photos taken.  MOPS started along with my midweek Interface bible study, we visited a couple different play dates, and did our best to have fun despite how crummy I was feeling.  In October we got to spend some time in Odessa with Chris’ cousins and their two boys while Chris and Josh presented at the Oil Show to much success.  Obviously the last month wasn’t the greatest, but we had a great week and a half visit with Gram and Gramps celebrating Christmas, seeing the Riverwalk and Alamo, riding the train, shopping, and visiting the oldest VFW post in Texas along with just relaxing, hanging out, watching movies, playing games, and lots of help from mom and dad to clean the house and build Inara’s new bed!

Yesterday in church during worship and again during communion I couldn’t help reflect that this time last year we had NO idea what the year would bring, that we would lose two babies and undergo a major surgery, what great times we would have on vacation, or just what our “regular” days would hold.  Looking into 2011 the same holds true.  We have no idea where God will send us this year, but I can say with more conviction than I felt in a long time that I will go where He sends me, and He will see us through whatever storms and tempests arise as well as celebrate with us during all lifes celebrations.  We already know there will be some big lifestyle changes sometime during the year, and are hopeful that we will still be able to welcome a new child into our family at some point through the blessings of adoption, which was something God had already started us working towards last year.

Wherever God has us headed, we know confidently that with His grace, and the amazing family and friends we have, it’s bound to be a great year.


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