“Socks in my Cornucopia”

Stick with me here for just a second, this is going to be a rather round about intro to this post…

One of my most favorite blogs is Joy’s Hope, I love how Julie has such a real yet Godly perspective on life.  I think some blogs go over the top in trying to put on their “happy face” and not show real life, Julie isn’t like that.  While her blog is cheery and happy, and fun to read and look at (so colorful!) she’s also real.  Like when a cabinet fell off her wall and all her dishes broke after their kitchen remodel – you could tell that while she was trying not to dwell, it devastated her as well – as I think it would anyone!  I think part of the grounding comes from the fact that she and her husband have also gone through some serious struggles in their lives, and have a sweet little girl in heaven they are waiting to play with just as Chris and I are waiting to hug and kiss on Toby.  Extra bonus of awesome – Mr. Joy’s Hope is one of the members of what is totally one of the best Ska groups of all time – The OC Supertones!

Lately, along with her regular posts, she’s been featuring guest posts from some of her favorite blogs.  This week, her guest blogger really challenged me, and I thought it fit in perfectly with the topic of Traditions that I posted about last time.

The poster, Leslie, talked about their typical Thanksgiving, and then something new they tried last year.

I hear often many of the people (espeically moms) I know talk about they wish they knew a way to bless the homeless and needy that can be found at so many intersections here in San Antonio (and in many cities!).  Especially because we want our own kids to learn to have a heart of compasion for these people, but at the same time, we’ve always been told that just offering money isn’t a great choice, and we don’t know what else to do.  The idea over on Joy’s Hope from Leslie is an excellent way to serve and care for people in need, and when done in a group, like her family did last year at Thanksgiving, can be REALLY affordable.  Go check out Leslie’s explanation of how she has “socks in her Cornucopia” on Joy’s Hope.


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