It’s a…


When we got our first glimpse of the gender of this little one back in October, the U/S tech said she couldn’t be 100% certain of the gender.  It was still early, and baby wasn’t fully cooperating.  So Chris and I decided to hold our tongues (for the most part) until we knew for sure (or as sure as you can be).


I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed with the news at first.  I was just so certain (and somewhat hopeful) that this one was a boy!  Having now had a month to adjust, I’m getting pretty excited with our new little girl.  I’ve started planning matching (or at least coordinating) outfits for big and lil sister and am excited to sew all the little dresses and outfits I had hoped to but never got to with Inara.

We are all excited to meet this new little girl, and are thrilled and grateful that she’s healthy!


5 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. Yes, Amen to that. Healthy, perfect and already a beauty, as the ultasound picture reflected. We too are so thankful for a healthy pregnancy and baby who is growing well.

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