The end in sight

Since March(ish) Chris has been working for and with his cousin Josh to develop a software suite around which they are going to be launching an entire new company.  Over the past four months or so, the work load has become increasingly heavy, stressful, and long houred with Chris spending many sleepless nights awake, at the computer, and coding himself out.  However, the end is in sight, and the pivotal turning point will be happening in the next three days.  The goal all along was to launch the new company and the PBIOS (Permian Basin International Oil Show).  It took Josh three years of waiting to finally reserve a booth for this years show, and I’m sure just as many years dreaming, planning, and praying about this new idea of his.

What they have built together is a software suite aimed at, but customizable in many ways and available to almost any business, oil companies as a business management tool.  With this package (which is all web based I think – I’m a bit fuzzy on the details) companies will be able to manage both their clients and their employs.  They can manage business flow with work orders, parts and equipment inventories and many other things.  The system can also be customized to fit almost any business’ needs – they already have a school district, and car dealership using the same program to manage other aspects of their work, and several restaurants interested in using it for managing tables and seating etc.  The highlights include both an “owner/operator” sight where the head honchoes can see and control everything, as well as an iPad version that the employees will use out in the field and on job sites to manage daily tasks.

I know that in the run up to the show, where they will be launching not only the new program, but their all new business as well, both Josh and Chris have put in a lot hours, run themselves way past empty, are giddy as school boys (not that either of them would ever say that), and are stressed to the max to see everything succeed.  On top of that, Josh’s wife, Janice, and I are both praying like mad for them to succeed because we want our husbands back. 🙂

The end goal (which we hope to see soon) is at least 50 clients (not just oil companies, but any client) which would pay Chris and Josh both a salary comparable to current (maybe even with a little raise), two other guys for tech related work, an office person, and all their equipment (servers, computers, etc.) they need, as well as the stuff the women worry about like health benefits etc.


With a successful show,  our family may be looking at some large and amazing changes, including Chris being able to leave ECCA to work from home full time with Josh –  which would be an amazing blessing to me and to Inara.  It would also open up the possibility of us really being able to see through our dream of moving to a more “rural” area, buying some land and building our own home (hopefully a bit further north, where they see at least three seasons (and I’m talking more about Fall, Winter, and Spring than I am any thing else lol, and a bit closer to family).  Our ability to do this has hinged almost exclusively on Chris being able to find a job where he could telecommute from home, and now God has given us this amazing opportunity that we are praying will blossom into bigger things!


We would all covet your prayers this week as the men spend three days at the show selling their company, their product, and essentially themselves in hopes of a successful launch to their new company and a happy (almost) end to all the long long nights and many many hours spent preparing for this.


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