Pregnancy update

Today marks 15 weeks, which puts me in the middle for my 4th month and in the second trimester.  It seems to have flown by for sure!  I’m finally starting to feel better, the all day queazies seem to have dissipated, although I still have strong surges of nausea that end in vomiting about 70% of the time.  I’m unfortunatly bracing myself to continue along that path, since with Toby and Inara both, I had no 1st trimester sickness but the strong and frequent nausea/vomiting bursts from around this point till delivery, so I’m not expecting (although would love it) for that to go away any time soon if at all.  Most gratefully though, I am also getting some energy back.  I usually at least get a half a day (not always morning or afternoon, that part varies) where I feel OK, have some energy, and motivation to get things done.  I still nap several days a week, but no longer NEED to nap every day, so thats also good.  I seem to have lost an appetite for food, and rather than having any particular cravings, find myself eating because either a) I don’t feel well, or b) because I know I need to.  I’m not too concerned about that because it’s fairly normal for me in general – and I’m hoping that it might slow down some of the weight gain I’ve been having – 15 pounds in the first trimester!

I wouldn’t hold your breath for any “belly  pictures” – not my style to stand sideways and show off my insanely huge gut which already looks like many women who are full term.

On Monday I go in for my next appointment at the Perinatologist.  I’ll be almost 16 weeks, and we may be able to tell the gender of the baby – especially given the high quality in depth equipment the specialist has.  I’m still not sure I want to know, but at the same time, I do want to find out – so I guess the question will end up being more, if we’ll share with others, and when we’ll chose to know ourselves. 🙂  So, the question is – boy or girl?


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