This morning, I bought a bottle of peanuts.  A normal, standard, jar/canister of store brand lightly salted dry roasted peanuts.

But it got me thinking.  The peanuts made me think of my Grams.  Gram could be counted on to have two things in her house any time we visited: peanuts and jelly beans.  The jelly beans were of course my favorite, and she kept them in a special decorated bottle that had jelly beans on the top.  There were usually more black ones in there because “no one likes the black ones”, well, except my Gram, she did. 🙂

Durring the same grocery trip I bought some oranges, because this time of year (and most of the winter long) it’s what I want.

Oranges are associated with the month of November for me, and always remind me of high school wrestling, because it’s what the guys ate on weigh in day, if they were close to their limit – if they ate at all.  The oranges were filling enough, but burned off fast enough that they could still meet their weight.

Perhaps the strangest food association I have is with Windex.

Windex makes me want Chocolate.  This one always makes people look at me weird.  For me, it’s a scent association.  For about five months the year before Chris and I got married I worked at Godiva.  All our display cases and the “walls” to our store in the mall were all glass, and got LOTS of finger prints, so we had to clean them, several times a day, with Windex.  Still, seven years later, the smell of Windex makes me think of, and want Chocolate – it’s one of the up sides to cleaning the windows I suppose, I always get a small bit of chocolate after. 🙂

These are just a couple of the foods I have very specific memories for, another is Mushroom Pizza, but unless you were there, it’s a story I’ll save you from 😉

What about you?  What ordinary foods serve as memory trigers for you?


2 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I have some food associations.. Not many though.. Mostly, Grape nuts with bananas & those pink wintergreen mints. Both remind me strongly of my grandpa.. That was his breakfast, and when I was good, he would take me to Andersons for supplies, and my treat was a little bag of those mints to keep at his place.

    More than food though, I create strong music associations. I hear a song, and it reminds me a particular time or person, even though it’s been years..
    Like.. Kryptonite is John’s song.. Like A Stone – Scott… James Taylor – Josh.. Chris Rice The Face Of Jesus – when I fully understood how much my mom actually got me.. Savage Garden is always Craig. Amazing Grace, though I have heard it at so many funerals reminds me of the grace and the quiet way my grandpa made himself known.. I’m done rattling now lol. My only other food association is when I smell a vanilla candle, I am reminded of a date I was taken on when my boyfriend at the time packed a picnic dinner, and bought me a candle to burn that night and afterwards to remember the night. 🙂

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