Gross Anatomy…

Warning – this post includes words and phrases related to the female reproductive system (specifically mine) and if you can’t handle it, turn back before it’s too late…

Now’s your chance…

This is it…

Glad you stuck with it – It’ll totally be worth it….

Here is the very short of the long story – (someday, if you ask nice, I might tell those of you who don’t know the whole story, but only if you ask really nicely)

When I was 8, after being in a car crash (that has, till this day, provided me with a phobia of white cars as well as giving me the family record for number of times ridden in an ambulance…) with my brother, I was given a CAT scan of my lower abdomin because they were afraid I had damaged my liver. Turns out my liver was fine, but they diagnosed me with a congenital birth defect – an absent right kidney.  At that point, the Doctor (or maybe nurse, no idea really) told my mom I may have problems conceiving children later in life, but left it at that – there were, after all, bigger issues at hand that day.

(flash forward years and years)

In October of 2005 on the way home from my cousin’s wedding in GA, Chris and I decided we were ready to start trying to have a family.  He knew about the kidney thing – it was something we had discussed at length several times during our dating, engaged, and married relationship.  I talked to my doctor at my yearly check up the next month, she said it shouldn’t be an issue, gave me the clear and three months later I was back in her office glowing with the early signs of pregnancy (morning sickness hadn’t set it yet, so I was still happy)

flash ahead a few months…

Toby was delivered stillborn at 31w5d weighing just over 2 pounds and after no outward signs of complication – after much testing, and a bit of guess work, the doctor diagnosed (not that they can ever really be 100% in most of these cases, including ours) the miscarriage as occurring after the placenta died away partially, then abrupted (which is backwards, usually you abrupt (meaning the placenta separates unnaturally from the uterine wall) and then that part of the placenta is “compromised”) and she thought it may have been from an unknown clotting problem.

Three months later I received the very unexpected news that I was again pregnant – this time I was put on a dose of baby aspirin, or low dose aspirin therapy – similar to what they give to heart attack survivors and very closely monitored, including a high level ultrasound every three weeks from 21 weeks on, meaning that, by my calculations, I received 11 ultrasounds from conception to delivery – as well as having weekly NST (non-stress tests) from 30 weeks on and twice weekly NSTs from 34 weeks on. In the end though, we had a beautiful, healthy, tiny baby girl to bring home with us.

It took me a few years before I was even ready to think about being pregnant again…

May 2010 – Happy mothers day, there’s a plus sign on your pee stick… Yeup – baby number 3 – we were very excited, but appropriately apprehensive and somewhat nervous.  Early June – first Dr. appt – everything is not as it should be and by June 9, I miscarried again.

After talking with the midwife at the end of June we decided that it would be prudent to do some preconception work-ups and see if there was anything that could be determined about my reproductive tract, why I seem to have problems sustaining a pregnacy, and what my anatomy actually looks like.

Turns out, that women who have the same kidney thing I do also often have mishapen reproductive systems – whatever causes the kidneys not to develop as in my case, or under develop in other cases, can also cause ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uteruses also to experience developmental problems.

Which explained the offhand – and never elaborated upon – comment by my former OB that my uterus had a rudimentary horn which is probably why Inara was breach – she mentioned this as she had me spliced open on the OR table in the middle of my C-Section… yeah… I don’t miss her.

That brings us to today…

I went in to the same specialist I saw during Toby’s pregnancy (for an in depth U/S to make sure his organs were all present, accounted for, and developing normaly) and every three weeks during Inara’s pregnancy… I am very familiar with this doctor, her staff, and I LOVE her nurse!

Only problem is that they couldn’t get a good look because something was in the way…

Which we were afraid off, since we found out at the end of July that we were again pregnant.  That my friends and family is a 7w5d baby in my “belly” who is lovely, healthy, has a heart beat of 146 and is currently making my life on the outside miserable!

The good news is, that so far everything looks great, healthy, and well placed.  I’ve been taking my vitamins (mom!) and was told to start the baby aspirin again starting today, and I have another U/S in four weeks to check progress.  I’m hoping that that doesn’t mean we’re already starting the U/S on a three week rotation, because that means that I would receive 10 u/s alone just from this Doctor not to count any that I would be receiving from my Midwives office… they really do get boring after a while, I hate to say it, but it’s true…

So, now you all know, and everyone was told in the same way at the same time (sorry parents, I’m too tired and nauseous to make all the phone calls this time). You also know why I take a nap everyday, go to bed at 9:30, don’t change out of my PJs and have a grayish pallor while I try and keep my food in my tummy where it belongs.


12 thoughts on “Gross Anatomy…

  1. Halleluja! I had been thinking you were pregnant just from some of your comments, and I am delighted for you and for all of us grandparents. I’ve been praying and crying out to God for a healthy pregnancy for you dear ones. We will continue to pray for you daily. My ladies prayer group has had you on our prayer list since early June and we pray also for you every Monday morning. I know all the U/S’s and trips to the Dr. and MW is a real drag (and yes, I can relate to your dislike of those U/S. They were the worst part of my OB visits too), but hang in there. We love you and desire the best for you in this pregnancy. Psalm 89:1 “I will sing of the lovingkindness of the Lord forever; to all generations I will make known Thy faithfulness with my mouth.” Trust in the Lord, for He is faithful and full of lovingkindness.

  2. Courtney that is so amazing and fabulous and a Godsend! I am praying for you, chris and the baby that everything goes the way it is supposed to and that the baby stays healthy. I am so happy for you. *HUGS* =)

  3. I laughed, I cried, I felt it all! I love you guys and can’t tell you how excited I am! I had a feeling when I was praying for you yesterday… (I don’t like to brag, but I’m in pretty good with the Big Man, lol!)

  4. YEA, Courtney! I haven’t read blogs in a while and I thought…humm, I am going to check Courtney’s since she is going to the dr. today…so glad I did! I will be praying this pregnancy goes smoothly.

  5. so happy for you friend! i too have gotten behind on blogs but something told me to check yours today. i’m so happy for you and chris and will be praying for a healthy pregnancy!

  6. Whaa???? I did not see that coming as I was reading the post. 🙂 What wonderful news!!

    It’s funny, like Melissa and Sarah, I haven’t read your blog in forever. When you changed your address, I no longer had the updates appear on my “blogs I follow list”, then one day I found it on facebook, but forgot to add it to my list, so I still didn’t get the updates… then just two days ago I realized Kate had the updated address on her blog, so I added it…. I’m so glad to get your family’s updates now!

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