Summer update

I was somewhat startled to realize that summer is quickly coming to a close.  I also simultaneously wanted to throw some sort of party as the excitement of getting back to “normal” creeps closer!  We are starring down the date of our fall schedule staring back up, getting back to bible study, MOPS and even sooner Inara goes to “school”! This year we decided to enroll Inara in a one day a week Kids Day Out program at a local church (not our church, sadly they offer no such program) where several of our friends also take their kids, so she should still see some familiar faces.  But her program starts in just two and a half weeks, so summer for us is really crashing down (now if only the fall meant cooler days too, oh well, can’t win ’em all I guess) so I’ve been taking inventory of our Summer List to see what we’ve done and still have left to do.

We’ve crossed off about 1/3 of our list and can easily cross off several more in the next few weeks, but I thought I’d post a bit of what we’ve done so far…

Went to the Rainforest and Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa while in Ohio

Went blackberry picking

and made homemade ice cream from the berries and Pioneer Woman’s recipe.

Got ice cream from the truck (I let her pick anything she wanted, she chose a tweety bird ice cream pop with gumballs for eyes)

We’ve spent lots of time in the pool and had friends over to swim several times (including the 4th of July when this was taken)

We’ve also:

made salsa

painted (a lot)

had friends over for Inara’s birthday and made S’mores

had an appointment with super talented photographer extraordinaire Amy Elkins for Inara’s three year pictures (and some family shots) which we should have back to show off in about three weeks.

Gone to the park a few times

seen Toy Story 3 (which Inara LOVED, I’m not sure she moved for most of the movie!)

and picked out plans to make a big girl bed for her (still need to actually do the building part, but it’s a step in the right direction)

I think the biggest thing of all, is that Chris (with the help of two guys from our small group (Thanks again Aaron and Austin!!!)) ripped out our guest bathroom! No more black mold! We haven’t made any effort at putting it back together other than to pick out a sink at IKEA and talk about the over all look/design, but I’m just excited to have the huge bio-hazzard gone and not sharing a wall with Inara any more!

More to come over the next couple weeks I’m sure!


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