This week’s plan

Once again this week’s menu is almost exclusively from A Year of Slow Cooking… I just can’t help it, I LOVE that site, and I LOVE LOVE my crockpot! The other thing about this week, is that it’s my final, full week, being home before MOPS national convention, as well as this week and next are going to be super busy, so I’ve worked in a cleaning plan too…

Monday: Gyro’s (I didn’t get to make them on Saturday, and the meat is still in the fridge needing to be used!)  Cleaning – bathroom & closet

Tuesday: Baked Ziti! As soon as I saw this recipe I knew I had to try it! I’ve been in a major pasta craving lately but haven’t wanted to really make anything (read: turn on my stove or my oven to cook pasta) so I’m super excited to see how this turns out!  Cleaning: Kitchen

Wednesday: Salsa Chicken Chris and I made a TON of homemade salsa two weeks ago that is reaching the end of it’s prime and needs to be used, so I’ll be using some to make this.  Cleaning Inara’s room & our bedroom

Thursday: Applesauce chicken Cleaning: Living room

Friday: Our small group is coming over for dinner and fellowship, but we have a couple people with dietary restrictions, so we’ll be having either Meatballs in Peanut Chile Sauce, or Asian Shredded Beef – whichever meats all dietary needs (still waiting to hear back) Cleaning: spot cleaning before everyone arrives

Saturday: We have two birthday parties, and Chris has a men’s thing at church, we’ll be super busy all day, so I’m planning this to be our meal out for the week.

Sunday: We’ll be having whichever of the two meals for friday didn’t make the cut. 🙂

Also on the cleaning list:

multi-purpose room- I’m hoping to spend about a half hour cleaning in here each day because it’s a disaster and far too overwhelming for me to try and tackle all at the same time in one day.

Animal area- needs a good sweeping and dusting as well as to be de-cluttered a bit now that we’ve lost our last hedgehog and condensed the snake tanks to a smaller area.

We’re also going to the zoo one day this week with our friends Erin and Brynn as well as a few other activities on the calendar. Next week we have an information meeting with an adoption agency we’re heavily considering, I leave for convention on Thursday and don’t get back till Sunday and who knows what else – talk about jam packed!!

Hope everyone has a great week!


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