In good company

I used to tease my friend Amy a bit because of her amazing McGiver like skills a year or so back after, through a series of random and crazy events, her son Evan trapped her in her bathroom. After two hours, she finally used the tank topper of her toilet to break through the door and free herself.

Then a couple months ago our friend Rachel had the same thing happen to her by her son David.

Well, tonight, Chris and I joined their Nobel ranks.

With one odd exception. Inara locked all three of us OUT of the bathroom.

She, in her door closing phase of glory, somehow managed to push the button to lock the door and then slam it shut while still having it locked.

Her amazing feat wasn’t discovered until over an hour later when we, as a family, were getting ready to leave the house and I needed to go potty and Chris needed his wallet and keys from the vanity.

15 minutes later, after trying the key to the bedroom door, an ikea plastic knife from Inara’s tableware set, a plastic spatula, and two different screwdrivers, Chris brought out the big guns.

A few pounds directly on the doorknob with the heavy duty sledge hammer and we were in.

Thankfully there is only minor structural damage to the door so it won’t need to be replaced right away. We will, obviously, be replacing the door knob.


3 thoughts on “In good company

  1. Welcome to the club 🙂 I still cringe when I think about the moment I knew there were no other options and decided to break the door. Glad you were on the outside though!!

  2. I apparently broke the stem and the two knobs are still attached, which I think is a win-win….kinda. They door still has knobs but cannot be “locked” anymore. They are 30 year old door knobs that are poorly designed. You should not be able to lock a door by “bumping” the button that locks the door. Plus there was no “keyhole” on the outside so really our only option was to destroy it.

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