Can someone please tell me where my little girl went?

Or for that matter, when that cute little orange fluff ball became a monstrous 20 pound brick?!

What happened to those cute chubby cheeks and little smirk of a smile? Where did my cabbage patch kid go?

When did she grow up, and become this?

I don’t know where the last three years have gone, because it seems like just yesterday I was strapped down to an OR table having my tiny little girl delivered, weighed and brought to me to see. Watching Chris hold his itty bitty baby girl, too little even for newborn clothes. I must have blinked because before i knew it she was cutting teeth and but scooting, then walking, and now I can’t get her to stop running. Time has a cruel way of sneaking forward when we aren’t paying attention.

These days, Inara is full of life all the time, and when there are people around to play with (kids or adults) she doesn’t slow down ever. She loves to be creative, especially painting but drawing and coloring too. She loves movies (probably more than she should) and is just starting to get into some of the “classic” disney movies (Little Mermaid, Lady and the Tramp, and a could others) but mostly she still loves Pooh, Veggie Tales (which she simply calls Bob) and Pixar movies! Inara loves to be outside, especially in the pool, but even just to be in the backyard running around while daddy works in the garden. I have no idea how big she is but I realized last week that she’s had a huge growth spurt (or several small ones) because she looks much taller all of a sudden. Her speech is fantastic (Thanks Ms Jacki!) and she is much easier to understand most of the time. She still prefers fruits, veggies, and carbs over meat, but slowly, we’re getting her to more willingly eat meat at dinner time and in larger quantities. In many many ways, she really is just a normal little girl. We’re still working on potty training (it seems like it’s been forever, I think like a year and a half off and on) but every time we work on it, she makes good progress. Two weeks ago, we had her almost exclusively going on the potty, but then she had no interest in it and wanter her diapers back, so I’m hoping maybe next time we can get it down and keep her out of diapers.


4 thoughts on “3!

  1. Happy birthday, Inara! Hard to believe she is already THREE!!!!!! Love the pics…especially the bottom one. And I have to say your cat is quite compliant in the first pic šŸ™‚

  2. You might have a diaper trash day and go around the house and have her gather all the diapers out of drawers and boxes and diaper bags and throw them in a trash bag because she is a big girl now. The next time she wants to go back to diapers–there just aren’t any and she can stay dry by using the potty. (It just might work!)

  3. i love Donna’s idea and i agree, it just might be the best magic if she helps “ditch the dipes” and then there is no choice but the potty.

    great idea Grandma Hohimer

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