Menu for the week

It seems like for the past couple weeks I’ve been cooking almost exclusively based on recipes from A Year of Slow Cooking and I have also posted links on Twitter & Facebook of what I’ve put in my crockpot that day. So, instead, I’m coming back here to put my menu plan for the week in one location!

Monday: McDonald’s between picking Chris up from work and going to HEB for our weekly shopping trip…

Tuesday: Layered Steak Dinner, it’ll be my first time trying is method of slow-cooking

Wednesday: Summer Roast Chicken (left over chicken will be chopped and used latter in the week) I need to get back into the habit of cooking whole chickens again, they made life easier

Thursday: Candy Chicken with couscous and peas. We’re having our awesome friends the Connellys over for dinner for Inara’s birthday, so it’s her dinner, she loves peas and couscous and by her request there will also be pink happy birfday cake and we’ll sing the happy birfday song. 🙂

Friday: chicken (using left overs from Wednesday) and broccoli quiche (might also toss in some mushrooms, just for kicks.

Saturday, lunch will be chicken sandwiches (more of Wednesday’s leftovers) and dinner is Gyros!

Sunday we’ll have a good ol’ hobo dinner in the fire pit and roast some marshmallows for s’mores to knock another item off the summer list and have a small fun time for Inara’s birthday with just us three before getting back to the grind on Monday morning!


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