Summer Lovin… Had Me A Blast!

One of my favorite blogs, Whatever, posts a “summer list” each year.  It’s a list that she and her kids sit down and plan on the first day of summer break each year.  It is a list of things, activities, places to visit, etc. that they want to accomplish, do, see during the summer.  It helps the mom to be more purposeful in spending time with her kids each year, and prevents so many “I’m bored” outbreaks from them as well.

I loved the idea, and decided to do one for our family this year as well, despite Inara being a bit too young to really understand the idea or provide much input as to what went on the list, I wrote one out and posted it on the wall so it will remind us to have some fun and try new things this summer.

I’m hoping to make a blog post for each item on the list as we complete it (we’ve already done a couple) so be on the look out for our summer fun. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Summer Lovin… Had Me A Blast!

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