The Kiddie Park

On Wednesday Inara and I went with our ABF’s play group to the Kiddie Park.  The Kiddie Park is a “San Antonio Tradition” it’s been around since World War 1 and a couple of the ladies that went with us commented on how neat it was to see their kids on the rides they themselves rode as kids.

I will say I knew going into it that Inara would have a blast.  This girl loves action and adventure, and has NO FEAR when it comes to thrill seeking activities.  What I didn’t realize is just how much fun she would have, or how enjoyable it’d be for me as well.  She rode every ride at least twice I think, except we somehow missed the train cars, and we rode the carousel at least half a dozen times.  It was neat to see how many of the rides and attractions where original, despite being almost a hundred years old.  The carousel even said that it worked on the original ball bearing machinery to turn the ride!  I will say, growing up around Cedar Point, I was a bit surprised at how much neglect did still seem to show.  Many of the horses on the carousel seemed to be missing legs or ears.  I guess I’m just spoiled from Cedar Point where things have been so highly maintained and repaired through the years.  I guess part of it is also that the park was closed for many years apparently, and fell into a state of disrepair then.  But it’s open again, with new owners, who seem to be doing a really really good job of fixing up the place to it’s “former glory”.  I loved that so much (I’d say around 80%) of the park was covered in old growth trees so there was a lot of natural shade, and even in the hot humidity we didn’t get over heated or even a lot of sun.

We had a great morning, and I think Inara could have stayed all day if I’d let her (we had to leave so she could nap before her speech lesson), and we’re most definitely going to be making a return trip at least once this summer.  I’m also adding it to the list of ideas for when my nephew comes to stay with us next summer, even at 8 I think he’d still really enjoy a lot of the rides!


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