Bathtub Drama

Inara is *usually* a fairly compliant child – bearing in mind that she is, of course, two.  That being said, when she sets her mind to something, she’s decided and all the world could come against her and it wouldn’t matter. I, of course, have no idea where she gets this from. 😀

Needless to say it seems like most disciplining in our house comes from these battles, so I’ve learned carefully to pick my battles, and watch the way I phrase things so that if it’s not a fight I want right then the way I word it isn’t a command in case she decides she doesn’t want to obey.

All that to say, sometimes battle lines get drawn and gauntlets get thrown.  Today’s discipline drama – bath toys.

After her (much shorter than I was anticipating) nap Inara and I went out to swim.  Inara is still learning the rule of not running near the pool, so after being told not to, disciplined against it, and still running, I told her if she did it again, we were done swimming and going in the house.  So, obviously, we were back in the house five minutes later after only about 20 minutes of swimming instead of the two hours I was looking forward to.

I took a very quick shower to rinse the pool water and sunscreen off, then Inara got in the bath to do the same.  I let her play as long as she wanted, and about an hour later she told me she was done (yes, my kid is that content to play in the bath water for hours at a time). So I told her before she could get out she had to pick up her bath toys and put them in their basket. I gave this command intentionally, because it’s one we had to fight her on two nights ago.

Immediately the whining and crying began. After several instructions and about 20 minutes, I got her out of the tub, sat her on Chris’ desk chair and gave her a spanking.  We then talked about why she had to have a spanking, and she got put back in the tub (which I had emptied about 10 minutes into the battle since she was trying to drown herself during her tantrum) and was told again to pick up her toys.

I didn’t want to just give her a spanking and send her on her way. It’s what we had done the other night, and realized too late, that she had gotten what she wanted, she was out of the tub and hadn’t had to pick up her toys.

So, after another 15 or so minutes of crying and no toy picking up I called Chris at work.  Together we worked out a plan.

I got Inara out of the tub, dried her hair (the rest of her was already dry from sitting in an empty bathtub for 45 minutes) and put her in pajamas. She was then given the option to stay in her room till Daddy got home (1.5 hours later) or go pick up her bath toys. She said “NO” she didn’t want to put her toys away. So, I walked away and closed her bedroom door.

20 minutes after things went quiet I very silently and slowly opened her bedroom door to find this:

She was passed out on the floor, where she had landed after her fit.

In case you’re wondering, my tub still looks like this:

She’ll be made to clean them up when Daddy gets home or there will be no dinner and she’ll be sent back to bed.

Yay parenting…


2 thoughts on “Bathtub Drama

  1. oh the bath tub toy fight- it’s a classic. we have had the same problem. so if jenna doesn’t pick up her toys- she doesn’t get to play with them the next night. after one bath with no toys- jenna started picking up her toys. (now, every now and then we have to take them away but it really helped!)

    • Sarah, The two hour room time seemed to really do the trick. As soon as Daddy came home they went right to the bathroom where she picked up all her toys even naming them and saying colors. Last night she was limited to picking out 5 toys and put them all away as soon as bath time was over. I like your idea though, if we ever have this issue again (which I’m sure we might) I’ll have to give your attack plan a try!

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