Counting and singing

Inara has started counting, all on her own, without prompting. 🙂

Today (and most of the time) the numbers go 1,2,3,6,8,9

She has also started to sing the alphabet song periodically

– she’ll do the A, B, C but then after that it just because the basic tune and a lot of mushed up letters.

Yesterday we went for her big evaluation for her speech program.  Since she ages out of the program she’s in with the Easter Seals at three, they do a preschool evaluation at this point to determine if she’s eligible to continue in the program through our school district.  Aside from the fact that she got bored and antsy answering questions, she did great.  Her scores were amazing compared to six months ago and she fell in the average to high average sections on all the categories.  She really is doing wonderful and we’ve been blessed to have such a great teacher, if anyone enters the Easter Seals program see if you can get Jacki Gregory – she’s been amazing with Inara and you can tell she really loves her kids and cares about their progress and well being in general.

We have to wait for the official paperwork to go through, and then have one more meeting – this time with the teacher at our local elementary school, but from everything we’re seeing and the feedback we are getting, it looks as though Inara will no longer need to continue with speech!


2 thoughts on “Counting and singing

  1. That is wonderful. Good for her and you. Keep on reading those books and singing the songs. Repetition is good. Congratulations to all of you.

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