Real Life Adventures in Potty Training

So, if you will recall, I posted almost a year ago about starting Inara toward potty learning…  If you follow me on twitter or we are friends on face book, you will know that this still isn’t the case.  Back in January (ish) I braved our first trip out in panties to a playdate with my Interface group at Amy’s house – Inara had three “accidents” in as many hours, we ran out of clean outfits, and went home with mommy giving up for a few more months.  I laughed a little (out of sympathy but not real understanding) over a year ago, when Amy (yes the same one) posted on her blog about how it took her six months to get her daughter potty trained.

Inara and I have spent many days with her in panties and me cleaning up puddles of pee on the floor (thank you God for tile) to the point that Inara no longer gets upset about “accidents” she just takes off her wet panties and either plops them down in the puddle or wanders over and hands them to you so that she can continue doing whatever it was that she was doing.  She wants to wear the panties, she likes to sit on the potty, but she doesn’t seem to have any interest in putting the pee in the potty. *sigh*

Last week, on vacation, Inara wanted to sit on the potty a lot, every night before bed, and several times during the day – so Chris commented that this week when we got home I should make another valiant effort at trying to train.  I thought why not, and have been thinking about it all week.  Monday we ran lots of “home for the first time in a week” type errands, yesterday we went to the zoo, today we worked on potty training a bit, and tomorrow we are back to crazy amounts of running around.

Inara wore panties the entire time we were home today (except during nap when she used the last pull-up) and didn’t have any accidents!  She didn’t pee or poop at all though either.  I on the other hand, finally made a potty chart for her.

I used this tutorial/guide and the free downloads from Prudent Baby and I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.  Take a look for yourself:

Sorry about the junk lighting, I finished it up after Inara’s bedtime tonight and wanted to get pictures asap. Also sorry about my messy kitchen table, it had the best light still and I was too lazy to clear it off totally.

I still need to cut out all the little panties that you use as stickers (or in our case papers we will tape on cuz I’m cheep and somewhat weary this will actually work, after all, it’s been almost a year and we’re not really anywhere yet) but the board itself is done and that was the most work. 🙂

Now, let see if we can get this little girl to go on the big girl potty…


4 thoughts on “Real Life Adventures in Potty Training

  1. super cute, Courtney! I hope it works! I tried Hannah in panties the other day and after 5 puddles by lunch time with no indication that she even HAD A CLUE that she was peeing…..I quit….i think i’ll follow my Mom’s advice and wait until she’s a little older…….

  2. Oh so now I’ve found you! I was on fb, saw the link, and now I finally have the new blog address – yay! Funny that it happens to be a post where I’m honored to be mentioned. 🙂

    Hope the chart helps – it’s really cute! And yes, thank goodness for tile. 🙂

  3. Reading this makes me smile 🙂 I laugh because I have no experience with potty training children, but my graduate school professor who is a child psychologist taught our cognitive and behavioral therapies class. She was very big on the “behavioral” party of it, she spent at least an entire class on how to potty train a child (LOL) as well as token economies, behavioral management, etc.
    I think the only thing I remember from that class was about potty training… that’s more important than knowing how to treat depression right? HAH!

    Of course, you’re already far ahead because Inara actually likes to sit on the potty. I do remember about lots and lots of reinforcement. Your chart is awesome. I remember being told, throw the BIGGEST party EVER when your child successfully uses the toilet. celebrate like you have never celebrated so for sure they will want to do it again =D Ah in theory, but will it work in practice?

    Reading your posts reminds me of why I have not been ready to have a child yet =D But I look forward to creating one in a few years! what serious work and effort (and love). YOU ARE AWESOME!

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