Monday morning we went to this amazing science/discovery museum “for kids” called Explora. This place was so neat, for kids of all ages, I know that Chris and I, and Grandma all had as much (possibly more) fun as Inara. On Monday’s they open an hour earlier just for families with toddlers, which is the smartest thing I’ve ever heard of, since families with toddlers are up around and ready to go an hour earlier than everyone else anyway.   They also host adult only nights for people 18 YOA and over.  It really was neat.  It’s designed for you to just wander around and play with whatever catches your attention, there were no maps, no guides, and the different sections were very minimally noted.  We decided that a trip to Explora will have to happen each time we come to visit Albuquerque.

We started with a stop in at music time, then explored gears, sound, lights, mirrors, lasers, wind, water, and made a stop in the arts & crafts center – which was basically the largest coolest genius kit I’ve ever seen, and made me a little bit envious.
Really really a neat place.


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