A Snuggly Kitty Nap

So, here’s the deal. Our cat’s aren’t usually allowed in our room while we sleep, but sometimes when I nap, I’ll let them in because if they behave, they make for some good snuggling companions.  I usually sleep on my stomach, with my legs in a V shape, and there is almost always a cat snuggled against one of my legs when I wake up.  Today though, they were all snuggled there.  Newton and DC in the center of my legs and Cthulhu on the outside against my leg.  Now, keep in mind that it’s very difficult to take pictures when laying this way, so the following are a bit odd, but trust me, they are funny none the less.
You can just see Newton’s ear poking over the top of the lump that is my butt, DC down by my feet and Cthulhu next to my leg.
Newton and DC
After I turned and sat up, Newton woke up and Cthuhlu shifted but these are the boys I sleep with and they are so cute and good. snugglers 🙂


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